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Saturday, August 21, 2010

The end of the mini-project

first wedge in progress
This week marks the end of the mini-project.  There are some major changes taking place in the shop (think furniture moving) and we've got some of our fall yarns in.  We're trying to be proactive this season and knit the samples before the yarns come out so that we can put them out with the yarns and give people an idea of how some of them work up.  This is the Noro lace weight I mentioned before.  It's one full color repeat, and about 2/3 of the first wedge of the shawl.  This one is simple enough for a beginner, but has enough interest to keep a veteran lace knitter interested.  The lace edge is a very simple 10 row repeat that can be easily memorized.  I actually lost some progress on it because after working on it for two evenings, I realized that my needle size was too small (even though I was still getting over the 29sts per 4 inches that was listed as the gauge).  I decided that since this will eventually belong to me, and what with my being 6' and all..., that I should rip it back and knit it on the 5mm needle suggested by the pattern.  It's looking much better and I think it'll actually be long enough for me. 

My break from school is almost over (way too soon).  I got my books in the mail and started looking at the first chapter.  One class is on testing and assessment, and the other is on arts and humanities.  I'm feeling better about them than my classes last term, as the subjects are quite a bit more interesting.  We'll see how I feel about them in a few weeks. 

Now, off to knit on the shawl some more, and let Alex watch some Wallace & Grommit on Netflix instant watch.

a closer look at the lace edge swirl shawl

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