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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

First day of the term; bored to death

So, it's the first day of the term and my humanities class is a real bore so far.  This book reads like a travel agent brochure on various forms on art, and how they will greatly enrich my life.  Not that I'm not into different art forms, but the way the text is written is bugging the crap out of me.  I sure hope that things improve after this introduction chapter, otherwise it's going to be a long 10 weeks.

I completed the second wedge of the Lace Edge Swirl Shawl (newly added to the Ravelry pattern database, thank you very much), and my numbers were off.  I was able to fudge it a bit on the pick-up row for the third wedge, but it bugged me so much that I had dreams about trying to get the numbers to work out all night long.  That and trying to knit a pair of lime green gloves (or maybe they were blue...) for some man I don't know.  Alex woke up last night the second I tried to turn the fan off, and then got up out of bed and ran around the room for a minute, at about 1:30am, so I didn't sleep well at all.  I spend the entire night in a state semi-consciousness to keep an ear open for him.  That being said, I was pretty tired when I got up today.  Work was slower today than yesterday, and I spend 7 hours putting bar-code labels on 410 skeins of Cascade 220.  Seriously.  I'm not exaggerating.  It was crazy.  I had to label them all, then put four aside for the shelves, and bag the rest for storage in the back room.  Both of my hands tingle and hurt a little bit now from all the label peeling, and bag stuffing, and heavy lifting.  On the good side, I'm scoring some gorgeous Cascade Heritage in a ruby red color for whole sale because we never ordered the bag in the first place, and I need that color to replace my Baudelaire socks.  It's a crying shame what happened to those socks.  First the heels blew out, and then carpet beetle larvae got to them and ate huge holes in the sole of one, and with all the repairs they just aren't wearable in shoes anymore but I can't toss them until I knit a replacement pair in the same color.  They were my absolute favorite socks of all time.  So I'll be knitting a new pair soon.

Speaking of knitting, I also got the Sheep 3 sample from the shop and I picked up two extra skeins of the same yarn to lengthen the sleeves with, and a button to put on it.  I'll be closing the hole up a bit as it's too large for the button, but it looked so good on the coat.  I've loved this thing for years and it's awesome to be able to bring it home.  The body fits great but I have these giant arms so I need to add a few inches.  I might even knit them extra long so that I can turn up the sleeve and cover the spot where I picked up my stitches.  That sounds good.  I think I'm doing it.

Lastly, today is Aaron's birthday.  He's 36.  Don't tell him I told you, lol.  I'm off to finally cut into his cake :)

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