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Friday, August 13, 2010

mini projects to hold off the craving

I'm crocheting an afghan for my husband for his birthday, per his request.  Anyone who knows me knows I'm a knitter, but you may not know that I crochet too.  As a matter of fact, I crocheted before I ever knit, but I just took to knitting like a duck to water so I never went back to my other crafts.  So, now that I'm making a 45"x60" giant single-crochet afghan for my husband, I'm feeling all itchy from the knitting withdrawal.  So I've been working on mini projects to hold it off.  Tuesday I knit a swatch in the round in a sample color of Tofutsies yarn just so that we could see what it would look like knit up, and then I stapled it to the color card (yes, it really is that bad).  Yesterday I found a pattern for the cutest little Nintendo DS cover and I decided to knit one for my poor, neglected DS to help keep the dust away. 
seamless DS cover with duplicate stitch mushroom motif
I used Queensland Rustic Wool in color #18 (rose) on 4.5mm needles and Berroco Pure Merino in white to do the duplicate stitch mushroom.  This is by far cuter than any of the little DS covers I've seen in the stores.  The ribbing is worked on 3.5mm needles.  This worked up fast and I'm feeling the need to make a few more so that I can add the other motifs to those covers.  And I think this could also work well for iPod or iPhone covers.

Super Sock Scarefest has kicked off with a bonus mini-sock pattern themed after Dial M for Murder.  This is gonna be a fun season!  I'm looking forward to my sock being released and I hope that it's received well.  I got my yarn from Plays at Life Fiber Arts, and I'll be knitting the pair along with the group as the sock that I originally knit is pretty skinny thanks to my tighter stranding issues.  This 2-week break from classes is going to be loaded with as many projects and I can stuff into it.  I don't know how much knitting I'll be able to get done when the new classes start.  Thankfully, I've rounded the corner on school and I'm close to the home stretch as I only have 3 gen-ed classes left and then it's all core classes, all the time!  I have just over a year left to go and I'll graduate with a Bachelors in Psychology!!  Sa-weet.  Oh, and to confirm, I passed Statistics with an A (but I still can't make change without the help of a calculator, lol).

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