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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Today's mini-project: Noro bottle cover

His & Her's bottle covers, lol.
Today I decided that it was finally time to knit that second Noro bottle cover so that my husband can take hot or cold drinks with him and not have to hide the bottle because of the bright, girly, rainbow colors of the skein that I used for mine (Alex picked it, so you can bet it's pretty).  He liked that his drink stayed hot, but hated feeling like he had to sit in the back of the class to keep people from seeing it.  I promised him one, and today as I made him a pot of coffee, I remembered my promise and grabbed my random ball of Noro Kureyon out of the stash to knit him one of his own.  I even found him a bottle just like mine so that he wouldn't have to take mine all the time.  So, after working on it for a few hours of the day, I cast it off...put it on his bottle...and presented him with it.  He gave me a big smile, and a kiss on the forehead, so it's safe to say that he's a happy man.  Now his drinks that he takes to the gym will stay cold while he works out.  I'll post photos as soon as I can (he's playing Crack 4 on Xbox live so I can't upload photos right now). 

swirly bottoms
The pattern is my own, and it's pretty basic.  If there is any interest in it, I'll type it up and get it uploaded to Ravelry, and provide a copy by email for those who aren't on Ravelry.  It's one skein of Noro Kureyon (it only takes about half), and 4mm double-points or circulars (depending on your preferred method of knitting in the round), and a crochet hook for the tie. 

My buddy from work is back from vacation, and I was able to tell her that I'd mostly finished the garter stitch purse that she left me with when she went away.  I'm not a fan of knitting garter stitch (although I love the look of it...it bores me to death), and I don't like knitted handbags, so this project wasn't one that I was excited about, but it turned out to be the perfect project to knit while watching True Blood.  So after a few episodes, I looked down and it was almost finished!  I feel much better about handing it back to her to take over.  I'm on to another project now; The Lace Edge Swirl Shawl by Naomi (my buddy from work) knit in the brand new yarn from Noro: Kiremeki.  It's a rayon, nylon, wool, and cashmere blend lace-weight yarn with long, long color runs.  When I was receiving this yarn last week, I almost started to drool, so I jumped on the chance to knit this sample even though it's mostly worked in garter stitch (see above comment, lol).  I feel confident that the lace edge, and the pretty yarn will keep me engaged in the project.

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