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Sunday, October 3, 2010


Recently it has come to my attention that an old friend is sick and losing a battle with cancer.  What does this have to do with Facebook, you ask?  Well, if I'd had a profile, I would have known about it 3 1/2 years ago when he started to deal with it, and I could have lent support back then instead of reaching out now and trying not to have it look like I feel bad for him and just want to say something before he dies.  And I've missed out on quite a lot of other important information because I didn't have a page.  No one I know really uses myspace anymore (including myself), but I have a profile there and since I don't use that one I figured it would be a waste of time.  One more social networking site for me to ignore.  But this last straw forced my hand and I added one.  I just want to be able to peak into the lives of good friends from high school... people who meant the world to me back then... so that I'll know they're okay and doing well.  I don't want to be blind-sided like this again.  I don't want to sit at home and grieve for the boy who took me to prom, and his young bride who I never had a chance to meet, and know nothing about their lives together except that it's going to come to a premature end and I can't do anything about it, or show any support for them other than a friend request via facebook.  Being 3000 miles away from my hometown makes it hard for me to stay in touch and I've lost friends before only to find out after the fact, one time by checking in on their myspace profile and finding that it had been turned into a memorial page.  So Now I've got a facebook and I've added a "badge" to my blog.  Feel free to send me a friend request so that I can be sure you're all alive and well, but don't be too upset if I don't show up there very often.

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