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Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Monster Hat

the Monster Hat
Yesterday I posted about the Pumpkin Hat (which was met with much enthusiasm this morning), and a few days before that I posted about the Bunny Hat, but in between these, I knit the Monster Hat and I totally forgot to post it here.  It's a cabled hat that matches the Monster Hand-warmers that I knit a month or so ago for Alex.  I knit a seed-stitch brim, and then switched my favorite cable-rib pattern.  I wasn't too sure how I was going to handle the decreases, but I decided to push forward and see what happened.  I had 10 cable-rib repeats, so I decided to decrease every other one and see what happened.  That worked out just fine, but I still had too many stitches so I decided to start decreasing the remaining cables, and at the end I had something like 10 sts total left over.  I cut the yarn and pulled it through the remaining sts, and ended up with a perfect little star at the crown of the hat!  My first ever cabled hat without a pattern. 

pretty five-pointed star on top!
I'm thinking about knitting another one, in a larger size (or smaller) and trying to work out a pattern for this as there's been some interest on Ravelry in a pattern.  I used Cashmerino Aran for the original, but I'm looking to knit the samples in a different yarn because frankly, the Cashmerino hasn't held up very well in the hand-warmers, which is disappointing considering how expensive that yarn is.  We'll see if I ever get this done, as I've still got two projects due this week for school and I'm two weeks away from my final projects.  And let's not forget about the shop samples that I still have on deck.  Oh!, and I'm using the left over yarn from the pumpkin hat to knit the cowl that Alex asked for. 

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