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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Boys after Halloween
This week has brought some really cool stuff.  First, after Aaron's insistence I went on netflix to see if we could set up streaming to the Xbox without having to upgrade our membership and found out that we could so now we've spent the last two days watching every instant watch that looks even remotely interesting.  You know, the ones that you want to watch but won't sit at the computer for long enough to do so?  Right now I'm finishing The First Power

Today I voted.  I also got to knit with my group for a little bit today.  I really missed those ladies.  First of all, they're just fun.  Second, they're crazy talented.  We have spinners, yarn dyers, yarn reclaimers, designers, and really fantastic knitters.  One of the girls was wearing this really pretty sweater knit from about 3 skeins of Silk Garden sock yarn.  She said she used size 7 needles and it fluffed right out after going in the wash.  It was really plain, and the colors did all the work.  I'm feeling a little bit obsessed and I want one too.  But that's going to have to wait until after I finish this sweater that I'm knitting for a friend, and then the next commissioned sweater after that, and then the Christmas knitting.  Who knows, maybe I'll get my list finished this year :)

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