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Monday, November 29, 2010


So, what is a girl to do when she starts being bombarded by design ideas, but has no time to knit them?  I've had two come to me in dreams.  I've designed one because I couldn't find a mitten pattern that I liked.  I was inspired by holiday decorations on the way to a friends' place yesterday and I had to sketch my idea as soon as I got there.  One of them I'm really itching to knit but I can't because I got suckered commissioned to knit another sweater for someone else by Christmas.  I know I said I wouldn't take anymore until after the holidays because I have my own family to knit for...but she was a tiny little German Grandma and she needed a wool sweater for her 5-year old grandson in Germany.  I just couldn't tell her know!  So I directed her to the wall of Cascade 220, and told her to pick out a color and buy the yarn.  Now I'm knitting a Knitting Pure & Simple pattern out of 220 Superwash Handpaint in a pretty blue/green colorway.  I'm working on the body now and hopefully I'll get to the sleeves today.  If I can finish in a few days, I'll still have time to knit for my own boys.  And maybe I can start on the really fun holiday project that's floating around in my head.

Oh, and yes...I was in the Sunday Providence Journal.  I got bum-rushed by a reporter and her cameraman who's name sounds like a Hobbit or a Star-Wars character, and next thing I know I'm in the paper.  Good thing I managed a shower that morning and put on some lipstick.

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