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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Ze Ivy League Vest...she iz done.

Updated: My husband came home and I got a great photo of my finished Ivy League Vest! He was actually impressed! I forgot I was wearing it and he looked at me and asked if it was the same vest I was just talking about cutting...and how fast I finished it...and volunteered that it was looked really good. Finally!!

I didn't even pass out when it came time to cut the steeks! It was way easier than I thought it would be and the ribbing on the neck and harms went much smoother that I thought they would. It's super warm and comfortable, and I got it finished up much faster than I could have done on my own thanks to a super smart suggestion from a co-worker from the yarn shop...instead of weaving in the thousands of ends...just french braid them down! Who knew! It took a few quick minutes and I was done. This confirms that I will be knitting this vest again in the New Moon version for the Ravelympics. Now, I just have to find something short that I can knit on between now and the start of Sock Wars (8pm EST next Friday). I'm thinking a beret...

School started again yesterday and I logged right in to see what I'll be working with this term. I've got quite a lot on my plate with two final projects (both papers) and two Honor's Components to go with those projects. I've read over them both and I think that they should be the sort that I can go in every week and address the final project based on what I learned that week, so hopefully I can outline it as the class goes along. I also received my student assignments for my mentoring project this term. I was assigned to 13 new students, all of whom I need to contact by email at least weekly and share some sort of tips and insights on how to be successful here at Kaplan. Only two have responded to my email so far, so I'm not sure how many I'll be actively mentoring but I'm sure going to be busy for the next 10 weeks. I have some reading to do for next week, and I have class tonight so I probably should go get to it, but I really need a nap first. That'll have to wait until after Aaron comes home from school and then it will be dinner time for the boys followed quickly by bed time for Alex and by then I'll probably be over the need for a nap and then I'll be awake until after midnight again... Oh well.

Monday, January 4, 2010

I'm a big girl now

I've been shocked by how well received the chart and pattern recipe for Bella's New Moon Vest has been! Since I posted it on the first, it's been "faved" 177 times and is in 53 ques. I guess I forgot how many other knitters love seeing knitted garments in movies, and want them for themselves. So today I spent a large amount of my afternoon adjusting the chart, searching Knit Picks for the closest colors, and looking for vest patterns that match the shape of Kristen Stewart's vest the closest...all so that I could improve the PDF. (If I ever figure out where to upload a PDF so that I can just add a link to it directly on Ravelry, I'll be a happy woman.) I went into the chart and changed the background color to brown, and added symbols to the chart so that some of the charts with similar colors can be differentiated. I wanted the charts to be more black & white printer friendly for people like myself who can't print in color very often. I also added a list of materials, and I listed some basic instructions regarding how to use the charts with a vest pattern to achieve a close reproduction of the original vest. There was one photo that showed a single panel of what looked like chocolate brown diamonds with on a lavender background, just under the bust. I found a photo of Kristen standing up facing the camera, but it's blurry so I did the best I could with that chart. It looks like that's the only place where the lavender panel is used in the vest. I also used that photo to find the start of the pattern, and I've corrected the charts to match up better to the original vest.

Now, I finished the body of my Ivy League vest tonight, and tomorrow I'll be taking a crack at seeming the shoulders and weaving in the millions of ends before I suck up the nerve to steek the vest. I also have to finish reading the first chapter for my Child and Adolescent Psychology class, and I hope to have time tomorrow afternoon while I'm working alone for the first time. I'm a big girl now, and hopefully I don't screw it up too badly...but I can call the owners if I need to and they expect me to so I won't feel too bad about it. Come visit if you're in the area... Save me from weaving in an unbelievable amount of ends, and getting to buried in homework.