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Friday, February 5, 2010

The last baby...all gone now.

Yesterday, I decided after spending this last week fighting with Alex to keep him from climbing out of his crib, that it was time to bite the bullet and buy him a bed. It seemed like a good use of his Christmas money. So the way I figured it, he's going to get out of the bed one way or another, and at least this way he won't break his neck trying to get out. He hates to sleep and his cold meds are interfering with his sleep so it's been a hell of a week over here. I'm beat and I think I might be coming down with this cold. Any, back to the story.

So I go to Walmart intent on buying a guard rail for his crib (which breaks down into a toddler bed) when I see that they have toddler beds there and they're only 20.00 more than the guard rail. It just seemed like the thing to do. Then we looked all over for a Thomas the Tank Engine bedroom set but there wasn't one in his size. Luckily, they did have a Cars one and he loves that movie so it was a good compromise. This bed fits his crib mattress so he still has sheets to fit, and his blankets fit. He just needs top sheets. As you can see, he climbed right in and got comfortable, and even though he hates to go to bed he was pretty excited about his new bed and actually stayed in it. He woke up twice in the night but never tried to climb out. I'm amazed.

In preparation for this, I bought a 4' wire shelf for my stuff (that needs a power drill to put it up but no where did it say that on the outside of the packaging, because that would have made sense). I took everything that could be harmful or played with and stuffed it in my closet on the shelf until I can get the other one up. I made sure the outlets were plugged up, and I put the baby gate up in the door way in case he tried to wander out while I'm asleep. I also bought a set of hook & eye latches for the door. I plan to put a set on the inside and outside so that I can keep him from getting out of the room and falling down the stairs until I can get a more permanent gate up there like the one I have at the bottom (it screws into the wall). I can't keep him in bed, so the best I can do is make my room as safe as possible and try to keep him from falling down the stairs.

I'm just not ready for all this. It's my 6th wedding anniversary today and I spent the morning in the dentist office with Alex getting a filling replaced in his front tooth. My husband has school all day. I'm tired from lack of sleep this week. Alex is bouncing off the walls after taking the last dose of the prednisone (thank goodness!). I have a ton of homework and no energy to read. And to top it all off, I finally faced reality and tossed out all of my pants from before I got pregnant with Alex. All my nice clothes. Fashionable jeans in dark denim, skinny jeans, cropped pants, khakis, plaid pants from Jones New York that I got at a deep discount, slacks from New York and Co., my best little red dresses. I had a beautiful wardrobe, all in size 6. Now, I'm wearing larges, 12's, sweats most days. It was a bit much to deal with. And add to it all, the fact that Alex is no longer in a crib. He's not a baby anymore and Aaron and I both wish he still needed to be in a crib because it's sad that our last baby isn't a baby anymore. Next year is preschool, and how did that even happen? Dante will be 13, and one year away from high school. Alex will be 4, and one year away from elementary school. I will be 33 and one year from a Bachelors in Psychology. Aaron will be 36, and will have his A+ certification and an Associates in Web Design, and I sure hope that those will be enough to help him find work because it's tough out there.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

odd occurrences

There have been some odd occurrences around here as of late. Alex's meds seem to be interfering with his sleep and he's waking up in the middle of the night and staying up for the rest of the night, all while climbing out of his crib to grab something to keep himself entertained instead of just closing his eyes like he's supposed to. Even spanking him (because really, it's dangerous to climb out of the crib like that) doesn't have any affect and he just does it again half an hour later. I'm not getting much sleep around here. The nurse said that his prednisone can have that type of side affect, and there's nothing we can really do about it. Even the children's Benadryl (for his nose) isn't enough to counteract it.

My little blog has suddenly found itself the target of spam commenting. It doesn't happen very often and no one has seen it because I have to approve all comments before they hit. I generally allow all comments to be posted (all real comments), even if they're critical or unflattering because everyone has a right to their opinions and I'm not about sensorship here, as long as everyone plays nice. Anyway, I've found adds for things that turned out to be porn0graphic in nature (spelled incorrectly with intent, to avoid being pulled up on any google searches), and some that were a link to an Asian site (or I assume so because the type was all Asian characters). I just found it a bit strange that my little blog has hit the radar of spammers. I thought that only big blogs that people actually read got things like that, lol. Maybe there are more visitors that I realize...

Another strange thing...? I logged onto Ravelry today to find a message from someone that another designer has put up a pattern for sale that is scary-close to my Bella's New Moon Vest. I took a look at it, and there isn't much that separates that vest from mine. The colorwork is awfully close, and most of the motifs are the same, or only very slightly changed. Her pattern is an actual pattern with directions for knitting different sizes, and her blog shows that her vest was knitted, finished, and blocked by Jan 7th...which doesn't seem like it would be enough time for her to have used my chart and notes because I put mine up on Jan 1st. At least that's what I'm going to say to myself because I don't want to think that someone took my work, wrote it out into a pattern, did not credit me at all, and is going to make a profit from it. It seems more like she was inspired by the same film, and the same vest, which really is the more likely scenario. Everyone was going crazy over Kristen Stewart's vest from New Moon so the chances that I was the only person to do something about it are slim. But still, it doesn't stop this news from taking some of the shine off of my accomplishment, and it sort of eliminates the point of my next idea for that chart...I had plans to write a formal pattern. That was the driving force behind my newest purchase from Knit Picks (my yarn for the vest, and three reference books). I guess I'll just have to knit the vest for myself, and decide after that because this latest pattern (called eighteen) doesn't have that elusive center panel from Kristen's vest (you know...the one that we can't get a good clear picture of), and mine does.

On the subject of fair isle vests... my ivy league has a large hole in the shoulder. This would be due to my ignorance of pretty much all things fair isle. I was flipping through my new book from Alice Starmore (which is amazing, by the way) and I saw that I was supposed to sew the edges of the steek. Nobody told me that! I assumed that the sticky yarn that held all the strands in place when I cut into them, would just go on holding things in place while I wore the vest. Now I have to figure out a way to repair it, but not before I can really read through the book to make sure I'm doing it right.

One last odd thing (but odd in a good way). I finished both of my projects yesterday with about six hours to spare! I worked really hard, studying most nights until 11pm to try to finish them and if you had asked me on Sunday, I would have told you that there was no way I could finish them...maybe I might have pulled off one. But I made it, and I think that they're good and I hope that I get a good grade on these because I really busted my hump on them both. To celebrate, I'm going to go eat breakfast and start this weeks reading.