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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Olympic effort

This is one full repeat of the Aram pattern. I discovered that the chart is used for three sweaters in this book, and that they seem to have missed the exact directions for Aram, because the chart as written is the pattern for Raam. Aram in size 12 should start at chart F (on the right), work over section G, and section F (on the left), then back the other direction. There should not be a double-seed stitch section. To find the right place to start (if you're knitting this in a larger size), divide the total cast on number by 2, start at section F (on the far left), and count (working toward the right) till you find the start point. For Dante's sweater, I started at section F (on left), and counted across 58 stitches because I have a total of 116. The chart is worked twice, once working from right to left, then left to right.
I'll finish this off, and when I start the front, I'll work it according to my new directions because I really want this sweater to look like the sample does. Isn't that the point of knitting a sweater?? My hands are cramping a bit, but it's turning out beautiful and I really hope he can keep it clean. I might make this again in a smaller size for Alex (might...) and if I do, I'll know what I need to do differently and I'll certainly use the Comfort so I can toss it in a washer.

Well, back to the Olympic coverage!