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Saturday, March 6, 2010

I've been Supermodelkinized

Courtesy of Old Navy, I've been immortalized in plastic...at least for as long as this post survives on the web.  They have this fun little thing where you can build yourself as a manikin so I figured I'd try it out.  Not too bad, right?

Anyway, I'm just taking a minute to check in again.  I've written my papers (1st drafts, anyway), banged out the paper and powerpoint for my honor's component, and I've got a pamphlet left to work out.  The next three days will entail revision and editing, and hopefully I'll have these bad boys sent off right on time.  I have discussions to do for class, but these things are worth huge points so I'm doing them first.

In knitting, I'm working on a sock sample for the shop.  I might get it finished tonight, and then I'll be back to my baby sweater for people-who-shall-remain-nameless-on-this-blog.  I'm almost done and can't wait to get it off the needles. 

In random news, be prepared for possible rain on Monday.  It has rained on 27 of my 32 previous birthdays, and snowed on two more so... maybe you should consider yourselves forewarned...just sayin'.  It's local to me too, so if you're in Rhode Island, then I'm talkin to you!  Now!, go off and make plastic images of yourselves.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Hi everyone...remember me?

Well, I've been gone so long that my blogger post template looks completely different and I'm all out of wack.  I have finals this week, and with these being Honor's classes and all, that means that I have four projects to turn in on Tuesday next week by 11:59pm.  I had two big projects two weeks ago, got them turned in and immediatly started working on these projects last week, building my outlines and finding my resource material.  I've done my History of Psychology first draft and Honors component, and will tackle the Child Development stuff tomorrow and Saturday with the help of lots of mountain dew, and my trusty iPod.  You won't see or hear from me unless you come to my job, or my church (and I know most of you readers out there go to church with me, so...).  I'm really missing reading for fun, going to bed at a reasonable hour, knitting, and going to Krafty Night most of all.  I've had to miss three weeks in a row (on purpose!) and that just kills me.  But what's going to suck most of all is that I'll be spending my entire birthday working on my projects which are due the day after so no fun till later.  I'm not the best at delayed gratification.

A quick update on Alex:  He has been referred for a sleep study, and will be going into their "day program" from 9am-noon so they can address his defiance issues.  He was in complete rare form on the day we went for our appointment, which was both embarrassing, but good because at least they got to see what I've been talking about all this time.  They will be working on getting him to be obedient, take direction, and get along well with his peers.  He's being referred to Head Start as well, which he should start in September so hopefully he'll be totally ready to go by Kindergarten.  I found out that he should be getting 10-12 solid hours of sleep, but he's only getting 8 non-consecutive hours of sleep on an average night.  No wonder he's so darn whiny and cranky all the time!  I would be too...(wait...I *am*!).  Now, off to bed.  You won't likely hear from me till this time next week so until then...knit something, will ya!