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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Rhode Island Sheep and Wool Festival

Today I went with my buddy from work to the Coggshell Farm Sheep and Wool Festival near Colt State Park.  I bought a family membership to the Coggshell Museum which has a Harvest Festival, a pumpkin patch, maple sugaring in March, and a few other really neat things that they do each year.  They dress up in period Colonial costumes and do things exactly as they did way back when.  It was really neat and I think Alex will get a kick out of it, plus it's only about 10 minutes down the road from work so it's pretty close by. 

My, oh my, did I ever score on some really great yarn and roving, and even some patterns and a beautiful shawl pin.  I hit the Knitaholic's tent pretty hard and I bought some lace weight hand dyed yarn from Play at life fiber arts, one is 1500 yds of reclaimed 100% merino lace weight in Pink Kitten and the other is 635 yds of a beautiful pink/peach/yellow/coral lace weight reclaimed yarn.  Both were on clearance and I got them for a steal at $5 each!  I got the best shawl pin ever with pretty red enamel beads on a brass swirly pin, and I also got a set of tiny shell buttons for my great-nephew's sweater, and two bags (4 oz each) of roving with some of the grease still in it.  I bought a copy of the Feather Duster shawl and the Ishbel Scarf (finally, lol).  It was the gorgeous gold skein of Ball and Skein Super Sock 416 that I found to knit it from.  A local alpaca farm sold me the most beautiful 172 yd skein of grayish-brown worsted weight undyed natural alpaca.  And from Bartlettyarns, Inc (from Maine), I bought two skeins of worsted Romney yarn in oatmeal and perfect buttery yellow and 16oz. of white Romney wool top.  I got fantastic deals on everything!  I have more yarn than I have time to knit it, and I need a new stash storage bin :)  Life is good.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Project procrastination- aka- I should be working on my paper right now

I finished the first hand warmer for the Skacel open pattern audition, and emailed my photos this morning.  I'm really excited about this one and I hope that it works out because I'd love to have a published pattern, and some extra cash in my pocket!  I cast on the second one last night, and I'll be knitting that one using the magic loop, because although it was nice to use the Kollage square double pointed needles, I just prefer to use circulars.

Dante has his appointment with the psychiatrist today to be re-evaluated.  We spoke with his clinician last week and have formed a plan to have him off his medication as soon as possible.  They will be teaching him some coping skills and tips to help him manage his attention and impulsiveness without the medication.  They will also be keeping an eye on the school to be sure that they are adhering to Dante's IEP, as every time we turn around, I find out that they aren't doing something that they are supposed to do, like have him seated in the front row.

I also found out about an hour ago that Dante's track meet was moved up to today so after his appointment I have to drop him off at the meet at Mt. Hope.  I've got his uniform in the laundry now, and I had to go through several bags of old laundry that were stuffed in my closet in garbage bags that we forgot all about.  My allergies are not happy right now, but I did find my missing mates to two pairs of socks, including the pair that my buddy Rain knit for me, and my Baudelaire socks that I knit years ago.  Sadly, they fell victim to some moths and have some holes.  The Baudelaire can be repaired, but the other pair has holes all over the foot and let so I have to rip them and make another pair.  So sad.

I have a paper to revise, and laundry to fold from last week.  Then I have to start working on my class work for next week because I'm quickly headed towards finals.  I have a brand new-to-me nephew who Aaron got to meet yesterday, and he has a little boy who is a preemie.  He doesn't have anything that fits so I'm going to stop into the shop and pick up some organic cotton, and knit something from the Sirdar book designed for little babies just for my new little family member.  Lots of stuff to do, not nearly enough time to do it in.