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Monday, June 14, 2010

Cool stuff happens here sometimes, lol

For those of you who don't know (and I don't know who you would be if you didn't know this already, lol), these are my boys.  Big, Bigger, and Biggest, AKA The Baby, The Boy, and Daddy.  So anyway, Daddy (as he's known to the boys) landed himself a part as an extra in the new Verizon Droid commercial!  His first ever audition, and he gets a paying part.  I'm really proud of him and really excited that he gets to do this.  It's really gratifying when you pray for something to break, and then it just falls into your lap.  I knew he was going to get something out of this (although it didn't turn out to be the leading part that pays 40K, but we'll take it).  When they called him up to see if he could come down for the audition (with one day notice and about 5 minutes to make a decision).  It didn't look like we could do it because we just didn't have enough time to secure a sitter for Alex, so he told them no.  Later he was talking to his mom and she said that she would have done it, but we though it was too late.  Then about an hour later they called again, said that they really wanted him to come in, and to bring the kids if necessary.  Well, that sounds like Heavenly Father providing an opportunity if I've ever seen one!  So the MIL took The Baby for the afternoon while Daddy went down and did the audition.  He said it was completely weird (he was handed a stick of deodorant and told to pretend it was the phone and he was sending and receiving text messages, which he was supposed to be reacting to).  Anyway, he didn't feel very good about the whole thing and we didn't hear anything for a while but they called today and asked him if he would like to be an extra!  It's a paying role and it's not bad pay for two days of work.  So my Honey is going to be in a national commercial for a cool product.  I'm really excited for him and I thought you would all be excited too.  Wish him luck!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

open book

I've been feeling tired and down lately.  I thought I was doing a much better job of hiding it, but I guess not.  My husband notices (but he always does).  My little guy can tell.  He made a big cheesy grin at me and told me to do that do I could be happy.  People have been sticking a little closer to me than usual, and asking me to call them if I need anything (not that they don't usually offer help, but I can tell they're worried).  I'm just a bit overwhelmed and I think I'm having trouble with this mostly sunless summer we're having so far.  I told my friend Eric that I've been crying at the drop of a hat lately, and he jokingly told me that it was because I'm a woman and we're all bat@$%t crazy.  I don't feel like this all the time, or all day, but it's more and more lately.  I'm usually good early in the day.  I'm plenty cheerful at work, or with friends, or out running errands, but when I get home it's like I've used up all my happy and I'm just tired and I have no emotion left on my face. 

So why am I posting this on a public blog forum?  I don't know.  I don't really care I guess.  I'm just so busy lately and my life feels complicated right now.  I think I'll get in the tub, read a book, and go to bed early tonight.  Then if I still don't feel better tomorrow, I'll go tanning.  (Don't laugh, the light helps.)