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Friday, August 6, 2010

The all Alex show

It's all Alex, all the time!  So for a quick update as I'm in the midst of finals, we're giving the iron supplement three times a day.  The room darkening shades arrived and seem to be helping.  I've moved bedtime back by 30 minutes and he seems to be sleeping in a little bit longer (about an hour).  Last night there was no talking in his sleep that I heard.  The eye is healing, but I can tell there'll be a little scar.  Nothing big.  The sale is still going on at the shop and even though I swore off buying any more yarn because (I kid you not...) I don't have anywhere to put it, but the Hacho is on sale for half off now if you buy a bag (or what ever is left of a color) and I get my discount on top of that so I bought enough to knit him a sweater in the brown I used years ago for his house socks, and two skeins in the yellow so I can knit him a new hat to match his mittens and coat this year.  I use Hacho for him.  I like it.  It's on steep discount.  It just made sense.  I'll knit sweaters for a 4-year old because he's pretty small, but he'll wear it, unlike my other boys.  Dante is strictly a sock/glove/hat kid, and Aaron's an afghan man.  That's about it.  What ever.  More time to knit for me.

This concludes the Alex show.  Back to your regularly scheduled programing.