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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Two down, one to go

I finished the finishing on the second of three items I took in for the holiday.  This one was simple and easy, but it took quite a while because of the sheer size of it (50" chest).  I finished the last of the tail weaving at my knitting class and then took out Dante's socks to work on them.  I'm almost half way through the foot.  What a difference a few extra stitches can make in the amount of time one spends working on a sock!

I've also collected more yarn.  It's really yarn collecting at this stage in the game because I just don't have the time to knit it all, yet I keep bringing it in.  I'm a yarn hoarder (almost).  Today I picked up 3 skeins of orange Berroco Vintage for another top-down sweater for Alex.  He's watching The Cat in the Hat and Nick wears an orange sweater just like the one Alex has...so he wants an orange sweater.  Lets not forget the purple sweater he asked for too.  I might just return the purple yarn, if he never mentions it again.  I also got a fantastic colorway of Noro Silk Garden Sock which I didn't need because I have 3 balls right now that I haven't knit, plus a ball of Lang Magic Stripe in pink/red/black, a ball of Knit One Crochet Two Soxx Appeal in a variegated green for Alex's socks (Dante's getting socks, so Alex will need socks too), and a pair of size 8 Addi Turbo needles because I don't have a 24" 8 and I've been using one pretty often.  Then at knitting, I scored some free green mystery yarn of undetermined yardage that I took for Alex, and some blue for myself.  I needed to get a separate bag to put it all in.  Oh, and did I mention the Pacman pins from Namco for the Pacman hat that Alex asked me for??  Right.  I have to design a Pacman hat.  This is either gonna be awesome, or it's gonna fail big time.m

Monday, December 13, 2010

WaterFire Hand Warmers pattern now available!

 WaterFire Hand Warmer pattern is now available in my pattern store on Ravelry.  You can purchase it from my sidebar (even if you don't have a Ravelry account...but why wouldn't you?). 
 The hand warmers are knit from one ball of Zauberball fingering weight, in their rainbow colorway.  The cool colors were separated from the warm colors, and two balls were created.  I used those two newly created balls to knit the fair-isle design.
 The stitch motif is inspired by designs in Alice Starmore's Fair-Isle Knitting book.
 The pattern is also inspired by WaterFire, an award winning sculpture created 15 years ago by a local RISD student.  It's free to the public and runs every year from June - October with special "partial-fires" through out the year.
 These would be just as pretty in two solid colors, as well as any other high contrast color of Zauberball (they were test knit in the purple/orange colorway).  Cast on and stay warm!

Oh Christmas Tree & Hacho Mittens

 The Christmas tree is up, decorated, and lit.  Alex was way more excited this year than he's ever been before.  He put up all the ornaments that you see on the bottom 3 feet of the tree, and he did a pretty good job of getting them spread out.  Aaron moved one and Alex got really upset so I told him to leave them where Alex put them, and fill in as best he could with the glass ornaments.
 I also finished Alex's Hacho mittens finally.  To be fair, I finished them last year but he lost one.  I didn't think it was necessary to knit the replacement at the time (after all, the season was over), but now it's getting really cold and it's definitely mitten weather.  I started them three times before I found the needle size that I used on the original pair.
Now, I just need to finish the one seaming job that is due before Christmas, and I think I can sneak in a quick pair of mittens for myself.  Oh, and I also need to finish Sabrina's mittens before she gets here in the next few weeks.  Better get some pain killers, cause my fingers are gonna be sore.