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Thursday, January 20, 2011

I'm commin' home!

Well, my finals are over and my mom is up and getting around (although slowly).  I've completed a pair of socks for my husband and my mom since I've been here, and I'm almost done with Dante's and a pair for Alex (which I'll be working on during the flight tomorrow).  I'll catch my first flight at 9:20am Pacific time and stopping in Phoenix, AZ for a one hour layover.  Then I'm off again at 1:30pm Mountain time for Providence and baring any issues, I should arrive at about 8pm Eastern.  My hubby is gonna have the boys stay at the grandparents over night, come pick me up, and take me out to dinner.  Assuming that I'm not wore out after about eight hours in the air, it should be fun.

I went through a lot of the boxes in my mom's and I found quite a bit of my stuff, like my baby pictures of Dante, my medals and newspaper clippings from sports, and my Letterman jacket...all of which are coming home with me so I can show Dante that I used to be cool.  My husband was concerned about the additional clutter, but I think I'm going to ask my friend Heather to help me scrapbook the clippings and the certificates, and I'll put the rest into a nice storage box.  Sadly, my bags weigh more coming back than they did coming in.

I'm going to try to get to the airport about an hour to an hour and a half early so I'll have time to check in, hit the See's candy store for treats for my boys, and relax.  I've got Dante's socks, Alex's socks, and my sweater in the knitting bag, along with a book (that I'm reading for the 3rd time now...maybe I'll hit the book shop too), and my Nintendo DS because this is going to end in a night-time flight and I won't have enough light to knit or read the whole way home.

Since I've been here I've had access to Comcast cable, and I've discovered the LOGO network...pretty interesting.  I'm not exactly sure what it stands for, but I'm pretty sure it's a gay/lesbian network based on all of the commercials (the one for the Fl Keys is pretty interesting, especially when I saw another commercial for the Keys on a different network...clearly the straights have no idea, lol), and the programing.  I'm really interested in watching Rupaul's Drag Race but I won't be here to catch it.  Anyway, (I had a point, I promise), they started showing a Buffy the Vampire Slayer marathon on New Years Day and I've been watching episodes ever since then thanks the my mom's DVR.  I'm a handful of episodes away from the end of the series...and it's time to go home!  Thankfully, Buffy is available on Netflix as an instant-watch so I'll finish it off when I get home, along with season 5-6 because LOGO skipped right over that.  I'll also have to go to Hulu to see if I can catch the end of The Worst Cooks in America, and Cake Boss Challenge.

It was a good visit with my mom (although I was here more in a work capacity than a visit).  I fell in love with her kitten, and her girls (dogs and other cats) all decided they liked me and I could stay.  I got to see some people I haven't seen in upwards of 14 years.  I got to say goodbye to a good friend and get some closure on that (I'm in a good place).  I got to go to church in the ward where I was baptized, with really good friends, and I decided that I'm ready to let go of the scriptures that they bought for me and get a new set with my married name on them.  I relived my sports glory (did I tell you I set five records in track & field over two different schools, got my photo in the paper several times, was athlete of the week, was voted unanimously the league MVP, and finished the season my Senior year in high school with a record of 27-1?? no? that's because I forgot, lol).  I saved lots of money by losing my license and not being able to get my rental car.  I didn't get to a yarn shop to get souvenir sock yarn.  Oh!, and when I went to pick up the report of lost/stolen license so I can get on the plane tomorrow...I found my license!  I had it the whole time.  So, I'll see you all (or I won't) tomorrow :)

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  1. Hey Cambria, I was wondering when you were coming back. See you soon! :)

    Josh thought he lost his wallet recently during a really stressful period ("and now this!"). Then he found it a week later in a pants pocket. We had canceled his credit card, but hadn't had a chance to even start on replacing his DL.