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Monday, January 3, 2011

Surgery Complete

Well, we got up at 6am to get all ready for the day.  We got all our stuff together and left for the hospital at 8:30am.  There were some issues with the GPS; I had to change the 'home' address, and change some of the settings during the trip because it tried to send us 650 + miles out of our way to take us to the hospital.  Finally we got there (on time) at about 10am.  We needed to be there early just in case they had a cancellation, but alas there wasn't one and we sat there till they took her back at about 11:30am.  Then they came to get me at 12:30pm and we sat back in pre-op for about two hours.  Surgery was scheduled for 1pm...they didn't finally come for her till 2:30pm-ish.  The surgery went smoothly and they came to tell us that she was in recovery and we could go to see her in about 30 minutes.  It was about 4:30pm when they told us that, and we didn't finally get to see her till well after 6:30pm.  She was doing fine, just a little sore as expected, and starving to death.  Good thing I had several Bora Bora bars with me.  We finally headed out at about 7:45 and I got home at about 8:30pm.  That my friends is a full 12-hour day.

Tomorrow I'll be running some errands for her, trying to calm her dogs (who don't know what to do with themselves right now), and to try to get my homework finished on time.  Things aren't looking good right now, but it always works out.  Further updates soon.

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