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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Battle Sour Dough, continued

Well, last night's sour dough did not rise, but I went ahead and tossed it in the oven anyway.  I think its gonna be two squat loaves.  I pulled out the stuff the start another batch, made sure to put the correct amount of yeast and honey, and then fed my started.  I noticed that when I fed the starter it was too thick to stir so I added a few extra teaspoons full of water.  I decided that this would be a good time to check the recipe again to be sure it was 1C flour and 1/2C water instead of the other way around (cause that would be my luck).  I was okay on that part, but discovered that I was supposed to leave the starter out for 12 hours before putting it back in the fridge.  I've 'fed' the starter three times in three days and haven't done that step yet...so I think this starter might be a lost cause and I may have to start over from scratch.  sigh!  Well, I've got enough flour so I'm going to press onward and see what happens, and if it doesn't work out I'll toss the starter and start again.  Maybe I'll just google sour dough starter and see if I can buy some and have it shipped.  Maybe I'll just say 'forget it!' and buy my sour dough from the market...but not before I master this recipe.  I'm past the point of no return on this endeavor. 

Oh, and my ice-cream?  Yeah, that failed too.  Fruit wasn't frozen enough and the substitutions for the heavy cream were too wet for it to set up.  I tried to put it in the freezer last night to see if that would make a difference.  It's frozen solid now.  I'll be starting on that as well.  And at some point today, I'm supposed to bake muffins.  Yes folks, the batting average has fallen even lower.  Maybe I should just go knit something...this IS a knitting blog after all.

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