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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hurry up and wait...

Folks, this seems to be the name of the game in the design biz.  Right now, I've got a proposal out to Interweave and I'm sitting here very impatiently stocking my email in hopes of getting the word that they like my idea and they're running with it.  I'm even hoping that they agree with my yarn choice, because I already have two hats and a hand-warmer knit, and the hat pattern written and ready to go.  I guess I should also be stalking my mailbox for a rejection letter if I'm being realistic about this process.  One of my facebook friends told me that she saved her rejection letter because it was signed by Eunny Jang.  If she signs mine personally, I might consider doing the same. 

I just finished knitting a prototype for a pattern that I plan to submit to Knitty for their Holiday Headstart edition last night.  This one is quite a bit more work because I have to have the sample knit, photos taken (good ones too!), a pattern written in their standard format, and a schematic.  Yesterday, when I was having writers block on my Unit 7 project, I decided to take a stab at that schematic.  I was looking into programs that would offer that feature and I finally gave up and pulled up Powerpoint.  I was able to take advantage of the standard set of shapes, and the rotate and line features to create a pretty good schematic of my design, if I don't say so myself.  Then I went over to Knitty and pulled up their requirements again and realized that my schematic needed to be in one of two formats, and I didn't know anything about either of them!  I went over to Google, searched EPS (one of the acceptable formats), and found out that I could save a design in that format through Adobe Illustrator (which we just so happen to have, yay!).  After my husband woke up, I had him show me where the program was and I started to try to redraw the schematic.  I didn't get very far before I realized that this was going to be a good deal more work than my first one was, and about that time my genius husband suggested that I try to copy and paste my design into Illustrator.  And it worked!  So now I have a detailed schematic with all of the necessary measurements of an unconventional item, and it's formatted correctly.  Some days I feel like a genius!  So what's next?  Photos of the finished product and typing up the pattern.  I might just get this in under the deadline.

Next up, the sock pattern for the Yarn Crawl kit.  I've been knitting away on this one because it travels well.  I noticed that I had made a mistake in the pattern on the sole of the foot, and due to time constraints I've decided to make it a design feature.  See how these things work?  I have a few more inches to go and then I'll start decreasing for the toe.  I've decided that I'm not going to knit this sock to fit my size 10 foot because it's just for display anyway so I'm aiming for a sock large enough to fit the leg model in the shop.  This pattern is mostly written as well and should be ready to go as soon as the sock is.  Then it'll be on to the beret/hand-warmer combo.

Last but not least, the blanket for Cascade.  I've got another bag of Eco wool in the mail so I should be able to make this blanket the size I originally planned for.  It's beautiful, and it's soothing to knit.  I'm looking forward to getting back to it.

And somewhere during this designing mess, I have to knit a prototype of a slouchy hat for the Bones Fan group on ravelry.  I seem to have a talent in reproducing knitware from television.  I'm going to knit a swatch in the chunky yarn for the adult sized hat, but I'll be knitting the actual hat in a baby size for my little cousin who is cuter than cute and needs a pretty summer hat.  If this all works out and I don't implode, I'll add that pattern to my ravelry pattern store.

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