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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Proposal, away!

Well, I sat down the last day or so and worked out the swatch for an afghan idea that I've had for a while now, and I submitted a proposal to a major yarn company last night.  I can't put any photos up right now (just in case), so I figured I'd toss this one up here, lol.  This was mid-hair cut and we decided to stop and see what he would look like with a mohawk.  We all liked it, and decided to leave it for a few days.  He's ready for it to go now, so I'll be cutting it off tomorrow morning (or so...). 

I had to innovate a bit in order to make the swatch bend to my will, and I'm pretty pleased with my solution to the problem.  Once I hear back from said yarn company, I'll be able to post a few progress photos, (unless of course they don't like my idea, at which point I'll be submitting it to online magazine to see if they have any interest).  I was so impressed with myself!  I even think that I estimated the amount of yardage correctly (I'll sure find out if I didn't).  I weighed my swatch and calculated the approximate yardage in it.  Then I measured the swatch and divided the desired length by the length of the swatch.  I needed 6 swatches across, and 6 swatches high to achieve the desired size, and after doing some math I concluded that I need approximately 780 yds of yarn.  I was able to estimate from that calculation about how many skeins of the suggested yarn I'll need to knit this bad boy.

So what's next?  Well, I have a week off from major assignments in school so I'll be working on filing our taxes this week, and on writing a pattern for my hat pattern so my buddy Daisy can test knit it for me.  I'll bet that yarn is just burning a hole in her stash right now :)  Let's see if I can maintain enough focus to do something about that.

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