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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sharp drop-off

Boy this learning curve is steep!  I'm still working my way through the first few chapters of The Knitgirls Guide to Professional Knitware Design and I have to say...this is tough!  I've spent much of this week putting together the Ravelry group (as you know) and trying to put together enough content to justify having it.  I've had a hard time focusing on school work and trying to get these ideas out fast enough to keep people active in the group.  (Maybe I'll get lucky and a few will even rearrange their boards so that my group will show up right near the top of their page.)  But this isn't all I've been doing. 

I spent several hours last night, and several more this morning working in photoshop, trying to create an image that meets the size requirements for a Ravelry group banner ad.  It turns out that getting the ad to look like I wanted it to was the least of my problems.  After I finally got something I could be comfortable with, I had to resize the image again.  Every time I thought I had finally gotten it right, I would upload it and get an error message with the bad news.  I just about gave up, but I decided to give it one more try...and I got it!  Victory!  Hopefully I'll see some results from this ad.  I've never advertised before, but the prices are reasonable and I'm willing to give it a shot.  The ad should start running April 1st, assuming it gets approved.  If you see it in the boards (it'll be at the bottom of the discussion page in a few selected sock-themed groups), let me know.

Now, back to that beret.

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