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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Hey! That's me!!

Look at this!  It's my ad on Ravelry!!  There's nothing a cool as checking the boards on Ravelry and seeing my ad at the bottom of the page.  Now, I just need other people to see it, lol.

This process has been a real learning experience, as I've mentioned before.  I just learned how to take a screen shot with a Mac to post this photo.  This is going to be a very handy skill going forward.

I've got to get back to my final project, but before I do, I have an eta on when I can expect to hear from Interweave.  Turns out that their average turn-around time is about seven weeks so I won't know anything until May.  I should assume that Knitty works similarly, and not worry about that until mid-May.  That frees up some inbox-stalking time, and I can focus on knitting the blanket for Cascade.  I really miss working on that project.  Anyway, thanks for letting me gush about my 10 seconds of fame.  Back to my homework.


  1. I like how you took all this in your hands and go forward with it. I hope all the hard work will turn into profit!

  2. Thanks! I sure hope so too :)