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Friday, April 8, 2011

Mad dash

I've been in a rush to finish a few repairs and put a sweater together that's been sitting on my coffee table for about two months.  I don't usually take longer than a week, but this piece required me to figure out what size the owner was making (because she couldn't remember) and finish knitting the sleeve.  Then when I started to put it together I noticed that she had failed to finish her sleeve, and that there was an error in the pattern.  After I fixed that, I had to graft it together at the shoulders and pick up and knit the collar.  Then I had to seam a garter-stitch sweater together and weave in dozens of little ends (because Prima only comes in 50gm balls which have short yardage).  Finally I was ready to be done but I was still waiting for her to pick out the buttons so I could sew them on.  Thankfully, she came down today while I was in the store and picked them out.  I attached them this evening and left the sweater in the shop for her to pick up whenever she feels like it (because it's paid for now). 

I also repaired a glove and an extremely fine store-bought black sweater for another customer.  The glove was cute in it's own way, with a ribbed cuff that was turned under and sewed down, but really...can someone explain the practicality of a pair of gloves made from cotton yarn?  Anyone?  Because this is New England and we do get snow. 

Finally, I have a beautiful little swing coat for a baby that needs to be put together.  The yoke needs to be knit, and it needs to be seamed, and all the ends need to be woven in...and all by Sunday.  This is Friday.  I can get it done, but because I'm on the clock, I can't help but notice how really inconvenient the construction is.  This could have been done so much more simply.  As a matter of fact, I've been thinking on it all day.  Thinking about how much I'd love to have a swing coat for myself and how I'm sure I could do it in seamless with a few details to make it pretty and grown-up, and long enough for a tall gal.  Taller is better.  :) 

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