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Sunday, May 29, 2011

I could use a little advice.

So, today was a pretty rough behavior day for my youngest.  He's just not getting to sleep early enough and he's getting up entirely too early, so the sleep deprivation is finally catching up to him and he's just defiant and unruley.  This happens every few months (as thouse of you who've followed the blog will know).  I need to get him back on track soon because he's got that outpatient surgery coming up in a few weeks and who knows what affect that will have on things.

Aaron's still trying to get some idea what the doctors plan to do for his thyroid, and still dealing with the issues that come from it being out of wack.  Dante is getting close to finishing school and heading into high school.  I still have class and I'm nearing my finals (again, sigh).  The shop is prepping for the big yearly sale and there will be more hours available.  And I've been called for another position at church, which means additional responsibilities.  If you're wondering why I'm telling you all this, here's the deal.

I'm thinking about taking a semester (or more accurately, a term) off from school to get my family situated.  I'm still living with boxes, and that's because my husband needs my help and I haven't been able to give it to him.  He could really use my full attention to help keep an eye on these kids, while they rebalance his thyroid.  I'm thinking about how I could really use a break.  I'm starting to burn out and in the last two terms I've made a careless mistake on an assignment that cost me big points.  I don't make those kinds of mistakes, and when I do it's because I'm just too tired to notice.  I have been taking two classes every ten weeks for the last two years, and I think that a ten-week break would allow me to be there for my family while big things get sorted out, and would recharge my batteries for school.  This is something I prayed about and it's not a decision that I'm taking lightly, so...I'd like to hear what others think just so I can get an objective opinion.  It's possible that I might just need to power through my last year of school and that the rest will sort itself out (although I don't think so...), and it's also possible that I'll have a difficult time coming back to school after that much time off (which is a genuine concern for me).  So, any advice is appreciated.

Oh, and the Noro sweater is demanding all of my attention right now.  I love the sweater...I hate Noro yarn...I love the color...except for that one color that they always throw in.  You know the one.


  1. How many more terms do you have left? Sitting out a 10 week term would basically amount to taking the summer off, right? And then you can rejoin at the next one? I think you have good instincts about what is right for you and you should listen to them. I also think that it's important to you that you do very well in school. Would it be possible to only take one class in the term? Would that help your balance situation? It seems like there's something good about "staying in practice" with having some courseload. It can be hard to go back to it once you take a break.

  2. You raise good points Kathy. I have one year left, which is about 5 terms. I don't know what taking a full term off would do to my financial aid, and I'm thinking I might be better off if I take one course instead of 2, just to keep in school-mode. I guess I'll know better when I can talk to financial aid tomorrow.

  3. Remember the other day when you said you "feel things" and you're always right when you listen? I think you should listen. I like Kathy's idea of taking 1 class the next semester to stay in "school mode." If you get the class at the right time, you could manage the family time better.

    It sounds like the boys need Mom a bit more right now, especially with summer on the horizon. And your hubby would probably benefit from you helping a bit.

    I hope the financial aid part makes it work for you. THAT might be the deciding factor.

    And congrats on the new church position. God is good and will always be in your corner.


  4. Thanks Leslie. I think you guys are on to something. We'll see what the financial aid folks have to say and then I'll know better what to do.