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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Peaking my head up

There is just so much going on right now and I needed to peak my head up from under all this mess and check in.  Blogging is therapeutic, lol.  It's been a trying week.  My husband is dealing with some thyroid issues, and that's caused several complications to our daily routine as these things will.  I'm having a difficult time adjusting to the changes and I need to remember to be more patient with him, like he was with me when I was dealing with some hormone-imbalance issues.  My little guy is facing a minor surgical procedure that's not going to be too fun after the fact, and it's stressful.  He's trying to break into the little click of kids in our new backyard, and it's not going so well right now.  It's truly hard as a mother to watch your bright, cheerful, outgoing little child not be accepted with open arms by the other children who don't understand that just because he's as tall as you doesn't mean he's as old or as mature, and he needs a break.  My oldest is being a teenager.  I had to register the little one for kindergarten, and quite frankly I don't know how I feel about it.  I'm not ready for him to go to school, and he's totally ready to go.  My apartment is still at least half-full of boxes, and not for a lack of trying to unpack.  My husband had been working his little fingers to the bone and I just haven't had time to help unpack it because I'm in the middle of my term and I've had projects every week.  The X-box won't read disks anymore, (so no games or DVD's...try explaining that every day to a 4-year old).  And my stash has grown out of control.

You know that idea I had about a stash sale?  Well I know that won't work because I just don't have enough readers for this stuff to actually move.  How do I know that??  Because the stats say so.  And that's cool, but it doesn't make for a very effective stash sale, lol.  Thankfully I've been given an opportunity to take some of the stuff and include it in this years "make room for more" sale at the yarn shop.  I went through my stash and was able to easily part with an entire box full of yarn.  I was reminded that anything I got from the shop that was still in original condition could be returned...and I did return lots of stuff (although I kept lots of stuff, lol), and I got a hefty store credit, that I cashed about 1/3 back in for some Noro Silk Garden Sock.  Now I know what you're going to say..."you don't like silk garden sock!  you don't like sport-weight socks", and you're right.  But!  I do like sport-weight sweaters.  I'm going to make a striped noro cardigan.  I've wanted a noro sweater for a long time.  It's just one of those things I've always wanted.  And the money was already spent so there was no guilt.  That being said, I have one more skein left for my Eco Wool blanket and once that's done I'll be casting right on for my brand new cardigan.

Wow.  I feel better now.  See!  I told you blogging was therapeutic :)

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