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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Well, we found the computer...

I am exhausted!  I had some really great people come over yesterday to help move us into the 3-bedroom apartment.  I spent the entire time packing up the rest of the apartment that wasn't in boxes yet, and they all loaded up the U-haul and brought it all over to the new place.  There's still some odds & ends that I need to bring over, and my old apartment is an absolute mess (which I'll spend a few days cleaning), but it's basically done and we spent the night here in the new place.  Alex has a new bed with a new Thomas The Tank Engine comforter, and a floor rug.  He's pumped.  Slept the entire night in his room alone and didn't have any problems.  Dante's room is a work in progress, and our room is basically set up.  My friend Denise came over after she got out of work, and she helped me move some of the boxes to the rooms that they belong to so that we could dig the couch out and finally sit down at 10pm.  The tv isn't picking up any signal at all so we weren't able to use it.  We did, however, locate and set up the computer so I could let my instructors know that my homework isn't going to be on time this week... what with the husband spending two days in the emergency room, and then having to move my family.  I lost my pantry and some cabinet space in the move, so I'm not sure how things are going to fit into my new kitchen.  I also have no earthly idea where I'm going to store my sizable stash.  It's huge.  I'm a little embarrassed.  I may have to have a stash sale if I can't find room for it all.  Check back...I'll let you know.

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