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Saturday, June 4, 2011

I bought more yarn...

Like I needed to do that, right?  And I could give all the same arguments that we all use... 'it was a great price', or 'I've had my eye on this yarn for a long time', or 'this yarn is perfect for this project I've been wanting to make'.  We all know the justifications.  We're all guilty of using them.  I have no excuses, other than I had a huge store credit and I couldn't use it on anything non-knitting related (and I really DID have my eye on all that yarn for a long time).  To admit my guilt, I went on Ravelry and added it all to my stash with photos.  Lets just say I have several Silk Garden Sock sweaters planned.

Oh, and I heard back from the Twist Collective regarding my submission.  Unfortunately I didn't make it in.  I really thought this one had a chance but there is limited space and way more submissions than they can fit into an issue.  Fortunately, I think it's a strong submission and I think it might make it in to another publisher so I'm going to tweak it a bit and try again.  There's still time to make a few major magazine's Winter issues.  And worst case, I'll just put it out on my own.  So although I'm a bit sad that I didn't make it this time, I'll just go look at some of my other ideas and see if there's something else in there that could be the ticket.  And I'll also be taking a close look at the awesome designs that made the cut to see what types of things caught the publisher's eye.  Thankfully, I have a giant pile of Noro yarn sitting in my apartment that's inspiring me :)

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