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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

They love it!

I am a happy happy girl because the good people at Cascade Yarns received the blanket, and they loved it!  They said "it's stunning!".  Stunning!  I'm blown away, lol.  They also told me to send any other ideas their way, so I did.  I told them about the idea that I originally submitted to Twist Collective, and they asked me to send in the proposal because it's completely different from anything they have right now.  I'm really pumped about doing another design, and I really enjoyed working with them.  They even sent me a list of other yarns that they are looking for some accessories in, so I'm going to pull out the ol' sketch pad and see if I have anything right now that might work, or if I'll need to start brainstorming.  And thanks to the magic of Paypal, I received payment instantly (which is totally awesome since I got hit with a surprise service charge for transferring my cable service to our new apartment).  So, I guess this answers the question of what I'll be working on next, lol.

In other news, Alex had a minor outpatient procedure today to help with the pain and irritation he's been dealing with since March (you know...we thought it was a bladder infection but it was something different).  He had to fast before surgery (which wasn't until 10am so you know that wasn't a popular decision), and he took it like a champ.  He got to pick out what color his pajamas were, and he got to drive in a motorized car (like Power Wheels) of his choosing to the operating room.  He picked out a mask that smelled like bubble gum (for the gas), and I held him on my lap until he went out.  Then the hubby and I went down to the cafeteria to eat something (because when babies fast...parents fast).  We no sooner sat down and took a bite when they called us to say he was already done!  That meant I still didn't get to eat, lol, and I had to go up and hold him for about another hour in the recovery room.  We came home with three prescriptions and went strait to Subway and Dunkin Donuts to feed the boy.  He's doing great and isn't feeling any pain (thanks to the nerve block they gave him).  As a matter of fact, he was numb all day and when he was starting to come to he asked if it was still there because he couldn't feel it, lol! 

So now it's bed time and we're cleaning up.  I'm off to study for my final projects this week, and wait patiently for Cascade to tell me what they think about my latest idea.  I'll keep you all posted, and I'll be sure to let you know when the pattern for the blanket goes live.

1 comment:

  1. Don'tcha just LOVE good news? I'm so happy that Cascade loved your ideas. And I'm really happy that Alex came through his procedure ok and that, yes, it IS "still there."

    Have a wonderful day, my friend!