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Saturday, July 23, 2011

A beginning and an end

Yesterday I went with Denise to visit The Sisters of the Wool in Westport MA.  It was funny because we had discussed plans to go up there on Tuesday, and decided that we'd go Friday...and then the ladies popped in on Wednesday night to check us out and introduce themselves!  We met Pat and her friends (and I apologize profusely, but I'm lousy with names), and gave them a quick little tour of Bella Yarns (as much as we could, considering that I was in the middle of class).  We told them that we had planned to come in on Friday, so they gave us a few business cards with their address, and we parted ways after a nice conversation.  (Too bad I didn't have my cards yet).

Friday came, and we hopped into the air conditioned car to shoot down to the shop.  I'd never been to Westport before, and it was quicker that I expected.  The shop is in a quaint little shopping plaza with wood panneling on all of the buildings.  It's rustic and adorable.  When we went inside we were shocked at how much larger it was than it looked from outside.  Right inside the door, they have a warm and inviting seating area for hanging out and knitting for a while (complete with a wall-mounted flat-screen television!), and then further in they have a table and chairs set up on a platform for classes.  They had a huge selection of needles from Addi, Clover, and Knit Picks (including the interchangables).  They had yarn as far as the eye can see, and I found a set of hanging sock blockers from Bryson in a large for 15 bucks!!  That's a steal compared to the ones that I have now, which are too small and don't let enough air into the sock.  Pat was there and she took us on a tour of her shop, which is truly lovely.  I plan to go back when I actually have some money to spend, and get something special for myself.  And if all that wasn't enough, she gives out a free knit-fix tool to everyone who joins the email list (and was kind enough to open a brand new box so we would have more colors to choose from).  They were all really, really lovely people and she had really, really lovely yarn.

Later in the day, I took Dante to see the last Harry Potter movie in 3D with Jason and Kelly.  It was really well done, and I think it was a fitting end to the story.  I know my husband is glad that it's all finally over, lol.  I'm looking forward to it coming out on DVD so that I can do a marathon with the entire series, but I have a while to wait for that.

Meanwhile, the mitten is finally cooperating and I think I can get the pattern written by next week.  I should have it out to my testers soon and then hopefully I'll have the mate knit by then and then it's off to Cascade.  I can sure use another paycheck, lol.  After that, I'm going to concentrate on knitting a blanket for my husband...since I promised him one last year for his birthday...and his birthday is in about 4 weeks...and he still doesn't have one.  Only problem is that the original yarn I chose isn't what he wants so now I have to figure out what to do with multiple balls of Comfort Chunky, and where I'm going to find the money for 4 balls of Eco +.  Thankfully, I have a discount and it's not expensive.

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