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Friday, July 22, 2011

My, how busy I've been

When last we spoke, (or I wrote and you read), I told you all about our wonderful playdate.  Yesterday, we took Alex to the Crescent Park Carousel to ride as many times as we could for $10.  Turns out that yesterday was kids day...so that was more times that I originally thought.  He was so cute, walking right up to the ticket booth and plunking down his little $4 that Aaron gave him a few days before (when we walked over and discovered that they're closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.  That was a bad day, that ended in our handing over the cash for Alex to hold, and us taking him to Honey Dew to help sooth the sting of not getting to ride the carousel.  So anyway, we rode lots of times and then Aaron got the gold ring so he got a free ride.  Then Alex wanted me to ride with him, and on the very next ride I got the gold ring!  Two gold rings, back-to-back, for the same kid.  That was an awesome trip for Alex.

When it was time to leave, we were really hot and he wanted an ice-cream.  Thank goodness the girl wasn't in the stand, and I was able to convince him to let us pick up some at the market when we went in to get a tomato and some shredded cheese for tacos (which he requested for dinner).  He agreed, on the condition that he could eat some right away instead of having to wait till after dinner.  Even though he didn't eat lunch, I agreed because it was just so hot!  He picked out mint chocolate chip, and had a scoop just as soon as I could get some in the bowl.  I'm pleased to say that he ate his dinner!  Two tacos.  And I even got him to agree to eat a tiny amount of lettuce in exchange for not having to eat any tomatoes.  On the next taco, he asked for my sauteed mushrooms.  The kid will eat mushrooms...but not lettuce.

Later that night, I headed to work and he went off to bed without me.  I hear he did well.  I went in to teach the ladies of the Thursday night group, and took some time to work on my lace mitten for this pattern.  I think I finally have it all together now and I'm really pleased with how it looks.  I hope to get the pattern together soon, and send the other half off to the test knitters within a week or so. 

Oh, and my brand new business cards were in the mail box today :)  I feel so official!

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