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Friday, July 1, 2011

Owls...not so much

Well, to say that my owls sweater was a colossal failure would not be out of the question.  And it's nobody's fault but my own.  I over-estimated how much the Eco Wool could stretch, and I under-estimated how much of a difference that 1/4 stitch per inch would make in a 38 inch garment.  I'm here today to tell you that it makes a HUGE difference.  I can't even get my arms in the sleeves.  It's like being strangled by wool.  There's just no saving this sweater.  So unless you're a 6' woman with a 32" bust, this sweater needs to be ripped back and started over. 

See, I really want one of these sweaters for my own.  I'm a lemming.  Everyone else has one, so I need one too.  It's one of those projects that as a knitter, you should knit.  You know...one of those?  Like the potato chip scarf (which I've never personally knit), or the stripped silk garden scarf from Jarred Flood (again, not one that I've knit), or the Central Park Hoodie (which I totally knit).  So I've tossed the sweater into the basket-of-shame, to be ripped at a later date.  The plan is to use a larger needle, and to knit this at one size larger than my usual so it'll be sure to fit.  And this time I'm starting with the sleeves, so I can check the fit before I put all that time into the body.  But at least I found the buttons for the eyes and set them aside.

In other "rookie-mistake" news, I just had to take my Vlad off the needles and start over because the yarn just wasn't a good match for the pattern.  It's so bright!  I couldn't see the lace pattern at all, and while I was knitting with it, I kept telling myself "I don't know if I'll even be able to wear this..." and "I don't think I can pull off this color..." and yet I still kept going.  Finally today I faced facts, and pulled it out.  I've opted to go for the mountain colors bearfoot in Ruby River instead, and I'm much happier.  Photos as soon and I can find the darn camera charger.

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