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Sunday, July 31, 2011


So I know I was jazzed about starting P.T. and I knew I would probably hurt before things started to feel better...but honestly, can anyone explain why I hurt so much when I'm only stretching!  I haven't even started any exercises.  My back is so out of whack that I have to do the modified versions of the stretches that she showed me, because my hip and ankle joints hurt.  Right now as I sit here typing this, my knee is throbbing.  This is gonna be fun.

Also, I have an appointment tomorrow at the DHS office so that'll be fun :|  And after that, I get to see if I can get Alex in to see the doctor for a suspicious looking rash on is arms, face, back, and ears.  Meanwhile, I also have to find time to work on my paper that's due on Tuesday night.  But don't think that means that I'm not going to Denise's to watch True Blood tonight, lol.  Or posting every day for a week during my busiest school-related week so far.  Cause that makes sense, right??  If it makes any difference...I didn't knit anything yesterday...

In knitting news, my rockstar test-knitter Daisy found three small errors in the numbers for my outer mitten between yesterday and today (and I just sent the pattern yesterday!), and she's managed to finish the first mitten.  She's a knitting force of nature!  Thankfully, she chooses to use her powers for good instead of evil.  So, this means that I just might get this pattern out faster than I expected, all depending on how quickly I can get the other mitten finished.  Or on whether or not I can resist casting on for this or this.  I tried to ignore them, but I keep finding myself checking out the finished projects and clicking on the pattern to see what it is.  It's going viral!  I usually try to avoid these types of patterns because I don't want to be a sheep in the herd...but I'm a total sheep!  They're just so genius, and I'm just so powerless to resist.  Maybe I'll be saved by my huge school workload, my family obligations, and my unreasonably large Ravelry que.

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