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Friday, July 29, 2011

sneak peak: heritage silk lace mittens

What you see here, is a sneak peak at my latest design for Cascade Yarns.  I was almost done when we had the Yarn Tasting, so the customers had a chance to check it out and feel it, but I finished it last night and you've just got to see the finished mitten to believe it!  I sent photos to my contact at Cascade, and to the test knitters (so they'll have some sort of idea what it's supposed to look like when they knit it), but other than this little glimpse here...photos are going to stay off the web until it's all done. 

I did find one little flaw in the concept that require an adjustment of some numbers in the inner mitten, before the pattern is released, but that's sort of what this process is about right?  I can definitely say this: it's super cool to have something I saw in my mind make it's way out and off the end of my needles.  Oh, and I also understand how much it sucks for the designer to have this super cool project to talk about, only they can't talk about it or show photos of it, but they still have a blog and a group and a facebook page to update.  What the heck does one talk about when one has to hide their best current project?!  And I also understand how boring that is for a reader, because I read lots and lots of blogs and everytime I come across a designer's blog where they're in the same situation, I always feel like they're holding back the goods.  So I understand how you probably feel and I promise to try to find something worth talking about while this is going on.

Meanwhile, I started physical therapy for my knee yesterday.  I don't have an injury or anything.  I just have femurs that point inward so if my feet are pointing straight ahead, my knees are pointing toward each other.  That causes soreness over time.  Combine that with the scoliosis, which raises my right leg higher off the ground that my left leg (so when I work out my left leg carries more of the weight), and that means that my already sore knees are being aggravated by super tight muscles in the legs (and the muscles are tighter on the left side).  I have a handful of stretches to do daily (for right now) and I have to see her twice a week for the next three weeks at least.  Then we'll add some strengthening exercises to help keep the knee strong, and to help keep my back aligned longer so I can limit some of the daily pain I've had to endure.  I'm just too young to be this sore all the time, so I'm really excited to do something about it.

Now then.  I just talked about something other than the mystery-project :)  Time for me to get ready for class, and then to go do some homework.  I have a paper due this week, so I won't be able to get the pattern fully written until next week.  I also have to knit the other mitten, but after that's done and the testers report back, the pattern will go straight off to Cascade and should be available shortly after.

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