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Monday, July 18, 2011


The thermometer says it's 83 degrees F, but the humidity has to be over 90%.  It's too hot to knit.  It's too hot to walk.  It's too hot to type, or do homework, or cook, or eat, or sleep, or watch t.v.  This is ridiculous.  Lets just say that today, I finally gave up and turned on the A.C.

Yesterday, I actually did some knitting and I managed to fix the issue with the cuff and the thumb placement but I need to adjust the numbers on the mitten body again because the lace needs to be able to stretch.  I'm also trying to figure out if I want to knit a plain stockinette palm and just keep the lace to the back of the hand, or if I want to have the lace all the way around.  I know that I'd love to have the lace all over, but I'm worried that the lace might snag, so for the sake of practicality...I think the palm will need to be plain.  Thank goodness I've secured a few test-knitters, because I've had to change the numbers so many times on this pattern that I know I'll need 'em to help me sort out the issues before this goes off to Cascade.

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