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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

It's Tuesday, so you know what that means...

Yep, dear readers.  I have a major school assignment due tonight before midnight and instead of working on it, I'm writing this blog post :)  Don't you feel special?  How is it that I still maintain a straight A average, you wonder?  What business is it of yours, I say! lol.

Anyway, yesterday I took Alex to school and after I dropped him off I went for a walk down the street to the library on Hope St in Providence (only to discover that it doesn't open until 1pm on Mondays).  Along the way I got to see some really pretty things that you just can't see from the car, like this Episcipalian church with the gorgeous red door.  I love it!  I've wanted to get a better look at it ever since the first time I saw it years ago on my way to Fresh Purls, but I never took the time.  And yesterday, on my grand adventure, I saw beautiful things all over the place and was in awe of all the things that I never noticed before or couldn't see from the car.  I was even moved to tears when I finally got a better look at the Jewish Temple, with the gold leaf and the round dome, and stone versions of the 10 commandments on the outside.  And I was totally going to share it all with you...only I left the camera at home :|  Then I had this great plan that involved bring the camera with me (which I did) but then my husband suggested that we go to Sam's Club today (and I needed him to get in because I lost my card) so he came along and I couldn't go on that same walk today.  So all I have to show for my big day out is sore shins and this one photo of a red door.

I wish I had something more clever to say, or more photos for the post, (and I actually did have something to say when I started this post) but I just spent the last 5 straight minutes playing referee to my boys and trying to keep them from killing themselves, and now I don't know what it was I was trying to say.  But maybe it's for the best.  I do, after all, still have a paper to write...  And two pairs of socks to knit and design...  And some research to do for a project I have going on the side...

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  1. Hey Girl, it's the thought that counts. At least you were thinking of all of us and wanting to share your experiences. I've really enjoyed connecting with you through our FL class.