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Saturday, August 27, 2011

A peek into my work-neighborhood

This little sign was invisible from my car and I found it on my giant walk on Monday.  Super cute!
This is the front of the Warren town hall building, and it's about a block over from my yarn shop.  I don't usually get to go down that end of the street much, because I normally just go into Warren to work and then go home.  My travels usually don't go much past the Coffee Depot, which I believe is directly across the street from this.

 From that spot, turn to your right and you'll see this beauty.  Isn't it the prettiest clock you've ever seen?!  I love the view from this part of the block.

 A little further down the same street is the Warren library.  It looks like a castle!  Who knew that Rhode Island had a castle, lol.  Unfortunately I've never been inside because I usually go to the Barrington Library, and because it's about two blocks down from work (and their hours are our hours so it's closed when I get out and closed when I come in).  Maybe next week I'll go on my day off and stop in with my camera so we can all see what's in there.

 Up the other direction, and through a little alley between the town hall and a building full of businesses, is the Warren Police Department/DMV and municipal parking.  If you're traveling to the shop off of Main St (route 114) from Barrington, turn Left onto Joyce St, and then make an immediate Right.  That's where you'll want to park when you come to the shop, and when you get out of your car you'll see this :)  I love the lamp posts which say "public" on the left one and "safety" on the right one.  And the red doors are great too!

 Now, back to the Warren Town Hall.  This is the sign that's carved into the front of the building, just above the doors.  It's so pretty!  Did you know that Rhode Island and Massachusetts has a rich Native American history?  Many of the towns and streets share names with the tribes that lived in the area, like the Wampanoag Trail, or Narragansett, RI.

Here's the cute little sign, with benches and flowers where people can come and sit for a spell.  Do people still do that?...sitting for a spell?  Well what ever.  You can come and sit.

Hope you enjoyed this little photographic tour of two blocks of Warren, RI...a town where I don't actually live, but I do spend a good amount of time, lol.

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