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Monday, August 1, 2011

Seeing is believing, lol

 I never thought I'd see the day when Eddie would lay still and let Alex cuddle with him.  I made Aaron get the camera so we could take photos, because no one else (who knows us well) would ever believe it without some sort of photographic evidence.

Anyway, it was a really bizzar day today.  Alex woke up early this morning (which isn't that different from any other day) and came into my room to ask if he could sleep with me because he had a bad dream.  I was too tired to object so I just told him to get in.  He did, and went right back to sleep (which is weird for him).  He even slept through the alarm, and continued to sleep after I got up this morning.  We've had two good night's sleep in the past two days, so I'm hoping we can correct the lack of sleep before he has to start school.

After my appointment this morning at DHS (which went relatively quick), we managed to sneak him in to see the doctor.  We got a cream for his bumps and he should be good to go in about a week.  And now, instead of working on my paper...I'm writing this post.  But I'm proud to report that I finished the reading last night, and I didn't knit anything yesterday either so I'm not messing around as much as it might seem ;)

This morning, the Fall 2011 Twist Collective went live, and I was really impressed with several of the patterns.  I also realized that although my pattern is really unique and pretty (in my not-so-humble opinion), it really didn't flow well with any of the other patterns in the collection.  When I looked at the mood board, I saw whimsical and fairy tale-esque.  The collection was more woodsy and rustic.  It definitely made me feel better when I saw what the direction they went in, because now I know that it was more about the pattern clashing with the tone, and not about it sucking.  I think my submission to Interweave would have fit in better with the Twist Collective collection, but I'm not sure if there would have been enough clever details for it to make the final cut.  This whole thing is definitely a refining process, and I'm trying to learn something from each submission and rejection :)

One last thing.  I'm not going to Rhinebeck this year.  I just can't afford to go.  But I see everyone gearing up for their trip and planning their Rhinebeck 2011 project.  I can't help getting swept up in the excitement and I've decided that I want to knit a Rhinebeck sweater too.  If you haven't been to the NY Sheep and Wool Festival yet, you should really go.  It's like a knitters pilgrimage.  And knitting the Rhinebeck project isn't just about making something to wear there.  It's more of a personal challenge to make something that stretches your skill set.  It's about making a project that you might not quite be ready for yet, just to see if you can do it, and then show it off to everyone at the festival when you do.  It's sort of a coming out of your skill set and sense of style.  And there's always an 'it' pattern.  The year I went, it was Vivian.  There must have been 20 people wearing one!  So, even though I won't get to go up and show it off at the fest, I'm going to knit a Rhinebeck sweater this year, and I think you should join me!  My only question that needs answering right now is whether or not I'll design my own sweater, or knit one from my que.  Any thoughts?

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