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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Finally! haircuts!

It sure took long enough!  I've been pestering these boys all summer about getting a haircut and they've been putting it off and putting it off until they both had hair so long it was curling.  Legitimate curls.  Dante had ringlets!  Honestly I think that Alex dug in his heels because Dante was refusing a haircut, because once Dante finally gave in he was willing to get one too.  And that poor girl earned her money today.  He wiggled.  He giggled.  He whined.  He complained.  And through it all she just kept clipping and cutting, and when it was all done, he had his mohawk back.  Meanwhile, on the other side of the shop, Dante was getting a fade and having a chat with the barber (who is a friend of my husband) about fantasy football.  Then, we all came home and had something to eat, and then showers.  Now, they're truly ready for school on Thursday.

I finished my final project today and turned it in a little bit early.  I also sewed the buttons onto my socks and wove all the little ends in.  They are now on my sock blockers, looking cool, waiting for tomorrow night when I should be out in a cemetery in Warren shooting black & white shots of these socks with my buddy Raini (a talented photographer who has kindly agreed to lend me her expertise).  I sure hope we can make our schedules work, because I'm really excited about it.  I even shot off a quick email to The Powers That Be with photos of the design so she could get a sneak peak, just cause I had to show them to someone or I'd blow up!  But no worries.  I'm making some good progress on the next design and it should help take my mind off this one.  And the timing of these designs are perfect because it's been freezing around here at night and I've already pulled out my handknit socks (which are severely depleted due to worn-out heels).  I haven't knit myself a pair of socks in a while so the ones I have are really taking a beating.  Goodness knows, I've got enough in the stash for about 60 pairs of socks if I just sit down and knit them.  But that's a story for another day...

Oh, and I did a little experiment today.  I used my row counter to count how many times Alex asked me a question today.  I didn't start counting until 9am (cause I was sleepy and forgot about it...we were up at 7am), but from 9am - 6pm...my child asked me a question approximately 160 times.  That's actually on the low side given the 2 hours I didn't count, and all the times he asked questions that I answered automatically without remembering to click the row counter.  I discovered that when he starts a sentence with "Momma?..." he follows that with a question 90% of the time.  No wonder my brain doesn't work and I'm always tired :)

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