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Monday, September 5, 2011

one down, one to go

Today, I not only finished knitting a full pair of socks for my SSS2011 design, but I also wrote the pattern!  I'm so stoked.  I wish I could show you a photo of the socks blocking, because they're hilarious looking (maybe I'll put up some blocking photos and photo shoot stuff after their release), but I have to wait till after they go live.  My husband told me that these are either going to be hugely popular (because they're so original) or they won't be...no in between...and I think he's right.  Knitters are either gonna love this concept, or they'll hate it, but it doesn't matter to me.  I had a blast making them.  They're exactly what I want them to be.  And they represent a fun, old fashioned horror movie (one I could actually watch with my 5-year old, who likes old horror movies like his momma) so they're dear to my heart.

So what did I do to celebrate, you ask?  I cast right on for my next Scarefest pattern, which I hope will make it into the 10-day pattern rotation, but if not it'll probably be a bonus pattern.  This one was actually my first idea, and I'm really excited about it too.  I hope it turns out just as funky and cool as the first pattern did.  Now, for those of you who might be playing along with the Scarefest KAL this year, I can tell you that for next week's pattern, you'll need at least 400-600yds of fingering weight yarn with some elastic content, and 6 small buttons.  I used two balls of Knit One, Crochet Two's Soxx Appeal for my sample, in color # 9812 (fawn).  There are two leg options, and if you decide to knit a full pair using version 1, you'll most likely need 3 balls of Soxx Appeal (or 600yds), but if you decide to do one leg in version 1 and the other in version 2 (like I did) or both in version 2, you'll be fine with 2 balls.  You could also use Cascade fixation, but it's a sport weight yarn and that'll mean that you will need to recalculate the numbers a little bit to get it to fit properly...and I can't accurately estimate how much yarn you'll end up using...so maybe you should just stick with something that knits up at 8sts per inch with elastic in it (you'll need the elastic!!).

And if you're wondering why I have a random picture of my baby boy in this post...it's because he's super cute and I don't have any knitting photos that I can share with you yet (and also zoo photos haven't been uploaded yet, but they will be) so enjoy the mohawk!

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  1. spoilers :0)
    it is always fun to see what comes out of this KAL