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Friday, September 16, 2011

A sad, sad day (sort of)

Please join me in mourning the passing of my all-time favorite pair of pajama bottoms. My mom sewed these for me a few months before I moved to Rhode Island (10 years ago...).  The seat finally gave out and there's just no more wearing them.  They are survived by one pair of lavender flannel pajamas (the last of the five pairs that she sent me away with).

I loved these pants for several reasons.  First, I was a huge wrestling fan for several years and my favorite wrestler was Stone Cold Steve Austin.  These are Stone Cold p.j.'s.  Second, the little blue and white skulls in the background.  Third, the giant skulls glow in the dark!  I know, right?!  So, I've worn these constantly through the last 10 fall's and winter's, but now I have to toss them out.  I'll miss them greatly.

It is also a sad day because I have faced the realization that I am addicted to hexagon puffs.  I've pulled out various left-over balls of sock yarn (and was just SHOCKED to see exactly how many of those I actually had) and I've knit about 7 in two days.  They're pretty quick and they're easy to pick up and put down when I'm teaching knitting class.  I can see that this is going to be a problem.  Good thing I can turn them into a blanket when I'm all done (a year from now, lol).

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