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Monday, October 17, 2011

Here's what I can show you...

Possible crocheted design?
I've been a busy bee!  I know, I know... 'what else is knew?' you're saying to yourself, lol.  Well, I'll tell you!

This last few weeks, I've had a crap-ton of homework (I know, not exactly new but just stay with me here).  This week I've been involved in a group project...well, it really started last week but I'm finishing it up this week.  Notice I said that "I'm finishing it" and not "we're finishing it".  Bingo!  I'm the victim of the all-too-common group project curse...the one where you get assigned to a group and at first everyone's working together but pretty quickly it's just down to you and one other girl, and before you know it, the actual work part starts and you're the last man standing.  Thankfully, we're supposed to be working in a discussion board set up for our group, and this board stamps every response with a date and time stamp, so it's obvious who's participated and who hasn't.  Plus I emailed my professor and let him know.  When I turn in the project and they don't, I'll get a grade and they'll fail the project.  So, at least it's not one of those situations where I'm the only one who actually cares about my GPA, so I do all the work and we all get the same grade.

Meanwhile, while all this is going on, I've been finishing up some projects and swatching for others.  I finished knitting my newest design for the SSS2011, due for release this Friday the 21st.  The photo shoot is tomorrow and I'm pretty excited about it.  I called on the resources of my buddy Raini again.  She's amazing!  It was pretty last minute and I didn't think she'd have time to do it, so I asked my hubby if he'd help, and if he had any ideas.  He said "well, we own that movie so I was thinking we'd prop up the DVD case, and lay your sock in front of it..."  I may have freaked a little bit inside, lol, but I did manage to calmly tell him that these things are best when the socks are on a model's feet.  That's when he tossed out this gem: "so, we paint you up like a [insert movie monster here] and we put you in a cute little dress and have you sit like this [think pin-up pose], and we take the photo".  Thanks honey, but I think I'll just call Raini and beg her to help me, lol!

Now, while all this was going on, I remembered that I have an almost finished pattern collection awaiting my attention.  I've got a hat, and a neckwarmer (which will need to be reknit in another yarn), and I started a set of convertible handwarmers but I never quite finished the first one.  I finished it the other day but I didn't really love the flap when it was worn closed.  It have a very Dr. Seuse quality to it.  Then I did a little research on Ravelry and found that most mitts used the same flap but that the photos never showed them worn closed...hummm...  Guess I know the reason for that.  Then I started having this other idea using some short-rows so I knit the mate and tried my idea.  It worked, but the flap was too shallow.  Then I realized that I would have to use some combination of the two, and last night I reknit one of the mitts.  Success!  Now I have to reknit the flap on the other one and adjust the pattern accordingly, and then its off to the testers.

And as if that wasn't enough, I also finished the commissioned shawl, almost finished the body of my Takoma sweater, and I started swatching for what I thought was going to be a reproduction of a vintage crocheted baby blanket, that I repaired for a customer.  I've done two swatches, and I'm about to do a third in the color that I think I'll be using for this project.  However, I thought about it again and I realized that I'd love to have it as a skirt.  Now, I learned to crochet way before I ever learned to knit and I even learned to read crochet patterns, but I never made many garments so I'm not sure I can pull off a garment like this, but I'm gonna give it a shot and see what happens.  There's a submission for a project that I would love to be involved with, and I think this might just fit what they're looking for.  I have three ideas actually, so I'm going to flesh them out and send in some good swatches, and then see what happens.  So, don't be surprised if you see a whole mess of posts about stuff I can't exactly show you yet.  I'll try to splice in some things you can see :)

Now, off to go check and see if I've been accepted as a test knitter for this :)

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