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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Guess who passed her finals?! lol

As if I needed to answer that question ;)

I just finished registering for my December courses, and confirmed with my advisor that I passed this term's classes at 99% and 100% for the term!  Who's a smarty-pants!  lol.  Now I'm registered for intro to forensic psychology and juvenile delinquency.  I'm really excited about these classes.  I've been interested in forensic psychology for a while, and now I get to use my remaining electives to take a few classes in criminal justice.  (and on a side note, I just want to state for the record that I spelled 'forensic' and 'juvenile' correctly on my own the first time, without needing to use the spell check!)  This, my dear long-suffering readers, means that I have one core class left for my ABA requirement, four electives, and my capstone left, and I will be walking away with a Bachelors degree in Psychology with special emphasis in Child Development and Applied Behavior Analysis!  And I won't be qualified to do a whole lot with it, because there isn't much one can do with a bachelors in psychology, lol.  However, I will have finally finished my 16-year college degree (and made my parents proud), I'm qualified to deal with my son's special education department, and I can work in a classroom if I take a special test and get some classroom hours under my belt.  But what I'm most likely going to do is to go enroll at URI or Rhode Island College, and start working on my Masters degree.

Now, for what you came here for:  knitting!
I've nearly finished my Takoma.  I actually finished my shawl collar, and when I was done, I hated it.  It has nothing to do with the actual design.  I just have some sort of block when it comes to executing a traditional shawl collar, and each time I try to do it, it just doesn't look right.  After two days of hand-hurting work, I ripped it all out.  Instead, I'm subbing the technique used on the Emerald sweater (the one I wear every day, so I know that I like the collar).  I think that using the same 2x2 ribbing along the collar will look better, since the hem and cuffs are knit that way, and I like the overall shape better.  I just finished the button holes, and I'm getting ready to start the actual short-row shaping soon!  Then I'll put on sleeves, and wear this baby within an inch of it's life.

In other knitting news, I'm working on socks for all three of my boys, and it's killing me because at least on of them is home and awake at all times!  I only have so many sets of 2.5mm needles!  So I've been taking Aaron's set with me to work to knit on during class, and I started Alex's, which I work on after he goes to bed.  I just would the yarn for Dante's and I'll have to knit those after he goes to bed as well.  Thank goodness I'll be working on the crocheted skirt, because I'll need something to do when everyone is home and awake, lol.

Oh, and in interesting news...my photo made the Berroco Blog.  Normally that would be exciting, except that I was wearing prototypes for two of my pending designs and someone snapped a photo without my knowledge...and put it up on the blog so now, my designs have been 'published online' and are no longer eligible to be submitted to any of the major publishers.  I feel bad about this for two reasons.  First, I've had the hat test knit but the mitts are mid-test right now and I've made everyone promise to keep them offline (which they have...since March!), and then I somehow manage to get caught wearing the only hat that fits my giant head, and ruin it myself.  Second, I wasn't sure what I was going to do with this design, but I wanted the option of submitting the pattern elsewhere, because I'm still pretty small potatoes and my indi-releases don't reach a very large audience right now.  I had higher hopes for these babies, but never fear.  I've arranged for a photo shoot, and I'll get cracking on the matching cowl, and then I'll release them on my own.  Maybe when I launch my freshly branded blog, with matching etsy page? lol.


  1. I just checked out Takoma on your rav page and it looks fabulous! This is an accomplishment all on its own but to know you did this while mothering three boys, working and going to school is AMAZING! and it looks like you finished just in time - it's quite chilly in the northeast right about now.

    enjoy it!

  2. Hi Jody,

    Thanks so much for your complements on my favorite new sweater ;) I was out in 46 degree weather today and was very comfortable. One correction though...I'm raising 2 boys. I just say I have 3, cause my husband sometimes requires parenting too ;)