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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Takoma is all done!

 I finally finished knitting my Takoma sweater, and I haven't taken it off since I got the buttons put on.
 I changed the shawl-collar to one with 2x2 ribbing to better match the cuff and hem details.  I actually did knit the original collar as written in the pattern, but then I pulled it out and replaced it with this one.  I'm much happier.
 The Eco Wool grew a bit after blocking.  I knew it would, and I counted on it, but I didn't realize that my sleeves would grow quite as much as they did.  They're super long, and I'm actually really excited about that.  When you're as tall as I am, you rarely have to worry about sleeves being too long :)  It's a refreshing change.
 I went with dark brown leather buttons from JHB.  Naomi and I are going to have to go onto their site to get the care instructions for the buttons.  I hope that I won't need to remove them every time I need to wash the sweater...  Thankfully, these don't need to be cleaned very often.
Check out that set-in sleeve!  I'm really proud of this one.  The fit wasn't exactly perfect, since I'd steeked the armhole and I knit the sleeve in the round.  Thankfully, I got it sewn in evenly all around.  And you'll also notice in earlier photos that I fixed my error in the colorwork section in the middle of my arm.  

My husband said this was the most impressive thing he's ever seen me knit, and that it looks like I bought this sweater in a store.  When you knit as often as I do, your family gets pretty jaded over the handknits (cause they see so many come off the needles).  They get tough to impress, so this is one of the best complements he's given me (regarding my knitting).  That's saying something :)


  1. Beautiful sweater! I love the colors you've chosen.

  2. Woo - you are one fast knitter! It seems like you just cast on. It looks beautiful on you. I think it's fabulous! I love it when family members think that comparing our labors of love with "store bought" is a compliment. But I think we all know he means it in the best way.

    Wear it well!