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Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Year in Review, part 1: Quilt and Cable Blanket

I've been a pretty busy lady this year!  I've designed several items and I thought that I'd share them with you over the next few days, with photos showing what other knitters have done with my ideas.  Today's post is all about my biggest project to date...the Quilt and Cable Blanket that I designed for Cascade Yarns.  As you may remember, this used under four skeins of Eco Wool and featured an interesting variation on a cable and the smocking technique.  I first came across the idea from a blanket in an advertisement in one of my MIL's home decor magazines and she loved the idea of it, so I sketched it out and after a year of flipping past it in my sketch book, I finally gave it a shot.

This was the first time I'd ever had a submission accepted, and my first time working with a 3rd party on a design, and it was truly a pleasant experience...so pleasant in fact that I worked with Cascade again on another design that I'll review in another post.  Anyway, I was really excited to see how well received the design was.  As of this date, it's been listed as a favorite 900 times, and is in 293 ques with 24 active projects currently on Ravelry!  It's been downloaded hundreds of times through Ravelry (not to mention all of the direct downloads from Cascade's website, which I can't track).  It was 'faved' by Jared Flood.  It was included in the October edition of Vogue Knitting's monthly newsletter.  And it remains my most popular design to date.

Now, here is a fun gallery of projects from knitters on Ravelry who have altered the pattern in fun ways, ranging from changing the gauge to create an heirloom baby blanket, to using a luxuriously soft yarn to make a blanket that you just can't stop touching!  Enjoy!
Rika's blanket in Eco Wool
Denise's stunning baby-blanket adaptation, in Berroco Vintage

Lynne's blanket in beautiful Malabrigo Worsted

Kathy's blanket in Berroco Vintage Chunky.

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