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Sunday, January 9, 2011

In memory of my friend

Henry & I at Home Coming, 1994
 I've said before (or at least I think I did), that I'm in California helping my mom recover from knee replacement surgery.  Well my good friend from high school, Henry, was very sick and fighting cancer.  We knew he was dying but we didn't know how much time he had left and he was just trying to get through the holidays.  Henry got his wish, and he passed away late last night after a 4-year battle.

I didn't know Henry was sick because I've fought against the trend and avoided Myspace and Facebook like the plague.  When I got the call from home that he was sick, I decided that I needed to join because I didn't want to be blindsided anymore by things like this.  So now I got the news that Henry has passed, and I know the details of his funeral.  I still don't have an ID or a rental car, so I'm hoping one of my facebook friends will read my post and let me ride up to Sacramento with them.  I packed clothes for a funeral, but honestly I was hoping that I wouldn't need to use them.  I know that I'm blessed to be in town so that I can pay my last respects, but I really miss my husband and my boys and I could use a hug from them right now.  I will just try to remember than unlike my friend's wife, my husband is healthy and waiting at home for me.  Please send your prayers (if you are so inclined) to Henry's family and his wife Karen.