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Friday, February 4, 2011

Introducing the Brambles Mittens (to match your beret).

Mittens were inspired by the Brambles beret pattern from Knitty by Amanda Muscha. With her permission, I have released this pattern for matching mittens. The pattern features the cable found on the body of the beret (I have not included this chart…you can get it from the original beret pattern) with the addition of a right-side cable, and a new chart for the upper-mitten that is designed to mirror the decrease section of the beret. The mittens designed with the cable pattern on the back and stockinette stitch on the palms. The upper-mitten chart only shows the patterned side, so you will need to remember to decrease the stockinette side when you work a decrease row on the patterned side. I used less than two skeins of Cascade 220 superwash to knit the beret and mittens, with about half a skein left-over yarn.
Materials: Ideally you would use exactly the same size yarn and needles that you knit the beret from, but if not…here goes:
  • Yarn: 1/2 of a skein of Cascade 220 superwash handpaint in #9867 (baby pink).
  • Needles: for magic loop: one US 4 (3.5mm) circular at least 24” long for ribbing, and one US 6 (4.0mm) at least 24” long for body; or 2 US 4 (3.5mm) circulars for ribbing and 2 US 6 (4.0mm) circulars if you prefer using two circular needlespattern is written for two circular method…you could knit the cuff and the body with the larger needles and eliminate the smaller ones if necessary
  • 3 stitch markers: one in a different color to denote the thumb gusset.
  • scrap yarn and darning needle.
  • gauge of 6 sts and 8 rows per inch.
Block lightly to bring out the cable details, and enjoy with your matching hat! 

Update: as of yesterday (2/4/11), 96 knitters have downloaded this pattern...join the masses, lol.

download now

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Cocky Socks on sale from 2/10/11 through 2/17/11

After some gentle reminding, I finally got off my bottom and released the Cocky Sock pattern to the general public on Ravelry.   

To celebrate Valentines day, and the possibility that Booth will finally kick Hannah to the curb and get with Bones, the pattern is on sale for 35% off starting 2/10/11 at 9pm Eastern during the show and running all week until the start of the following episode on 2/17/11.

Pattern details are as follows:

Size: Woman’s M/L (8.5” circumference), or Man’s L. (10-10.5” circumference): Chart A is designed to fit a woman’s foot, and Chart C is designed to fit a man’s foot (2 repeats in DK weight yarn, or 3 repeats in fingering weight yarn).
To get started, you’ll need:
Yarn: 1 skein of any sock yarn in red for the main color (mc); 1 skein of any fingering weight sock yarn in white (cc). if knitting a man’s sock, you’ll need the same amounts of fingering weight yarn or approx 300 yds of each color in DK weight yarn.
  • fingering yarn: 2.75mm double-pointed needles; OR two sets of 2.75mm circular needles; OR one 2.75mm circular needles at least 24” long (or what ever size is necessary to hit gauge); OR
  • DK yarn: 3.75mm double-pointed needles; OR two sets of 3.75mm circular needles; OR one 3.75mm circular needles at least 24” long (or what ever size is necessary to hit gauge).
  • Fingering: 8 sts per inch in stranded pattern; OR
  • DK: 5.5 sts per inch in stranded pattern.
To ensure that you hit gauge, be sure to knit your swatch in the round. Stranding can tighten your gauge so be sure to do a stranded swatch as well. Chart B would be perfect to swatch with.

Stitch markers: 2 to divide the pattern repeats, 1 in a different color for the end of the round.
Size Notes: If your foot circumference is wider, you can add additional stitches between the chickens, or knit with a slightly larger needle to increase your gauge. Pattern provides two different charts to fit a man’s and woman’s foot circumference.

pattern cost: $6.00

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Success... I think.

Well, I've been working on my sweater and it's now February...and I'm not finished with it.  It was the need to knit a new pair of mittens with detachable i-cord, and a pair of gloves for Dante (and a pair of socks for each of the boys) that took up all of my knitting time in January...oh, and the final projects.  Can't forget about the final projects.  I got 100% on each of those papers, by the way ;)

Anyway, my friend Heather came over on Saturday night and we followed the instructions in Custom Knits by Wendy Bernard (of Knit and Tonic fame) to make a dress-form out of duct tape.  There's a part in the directions where she tells you that you'll have to get over the shock of seeing what your body actually looks like, and she's not kidding!  We were successful in creating the form, and then I took a look at my own upper body and was genuinely depressed.  It's just sad.  So sad that I complained about it for most of the rest of the night.  I complained do much that my poor husband went out and bought me a fat-burner for when I return to the gym.  I'd been kicking the idea around, but I hadn't done anything about it yet.  He went out and read every single label to make sure there wasn't anything I was allergic to in the ingredients, and then came home with one, because he's a sweet man and men like to fix things when we get upset.  If I hadn't been bitterly lamenting my waste-line, and I didn't understand the need for a man to fix things instead of just listening, I might have been offended but I wasn't.  Because that's how bad my body really looks when it's wrapped in duct tape!

Yesterday we ran some errands and for the up-teenth time I thought to myself that my fingering weight, lace tam just isn't warm enough for the days when the wind really blows and I need to knit a heavier hat.  I decided yesterday that it was time to do something about it, and I took out my pretty, girl-y pink Cascade 220 superwash handpaint yarn and cast on for Brambles.  I wasn't sure about cables and variegated yarn, but I think that the colors are so subtle that it'll work out just fine.  I'm going to use the cable to knit matching mittens and then if I have any yarn left over, I'll look at a neck warmer too.  I guess that'll be more time off of my sweater knitting, but I'm hoping to make up for some of that by knitting a few with some of my Cascade Eco wool and Eco +, which should knit up pretty fast (and should fit pretty darn well now that I've got this dress form that shows where all my important measurements are).

Oh, and lastly (and totally off topic), I went to the new LDS.org website (thanks to the tutorial by a member of our ward on Sunday), and bought myself a subscription to the Ensign magazine...finally!  Who else is proud of me?... lol.