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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Crescent Park Beret- A Kit

Crescent Park Beret was inspired by Crescent Park, a little amusement park that used to be in Riverside RI. All that’s left now is a carousel (and a darn good one if I don’t say so myself…which I do), but it used to be a happening spot.
The beret is a chevron-striped hat with garter stitch accents and eyelet details. It’s knit with three colors of Cascade Heritage yarn worked at a sport weight gauge to make it light and airy. It is available as a kit from Bella Yarns starting April 15th, that includes three coordinating colors of Heritage and the pattern (which is included for free). You can choose from various color schemes.
Kits are priced at 41.97 plus tax (and shipping if you order by phone), and will include three skeins of Heritage, and the patterns for the beret and matching hand-warmers.

Rhodes- a sock pattern

Rhodes is a stranded sock pattern inspired by the Great Rhody Yarn Crawl. It is available in a kit from Bella Yarns starting April 15th while supplies last. The pattern will be available separately for download in mid-May.
 The pattern is written for the two-circular method, and includes charts and written instructions. It fits an 8” foot circumference but can easily be sized up an inch at a time by adding another pattern repeat.
 The sole is knit through the back loops to provide additional cushion and durability, and the toe is worked in a slip-stitch pattern to match the heel.
To knit the pattern, you will need to be comfortable with stranding, following a chart, and basic sock construction. You will also need:
  • two 50g skeins of Online Linie Supersocke Silk (included in the kit)
  • two sets of US 2 (2.75mm) circular needles (for knitting with two circulars at a time; or one set of US2 (2.75mm) DPN; or one US 2 (2.75mm) circular, at least 24” long, for using magic loop
  • stitch markers
  • darning needle
Kits are priced at $19.98 plus tax (and shipping if you order by phone), with the pattern included at no additional cost.

Update: individual PDF downloads are now available online and are priced at $5.99.

Blizzard- a 'Bones' inspired hat

 It's a blizzard in April!
For everyone who waited so patiently, I'm excited to announce that Blizzard has gone live on Ravelry.  It' a free pattern that uses aprox 150yds of chunky yarn, written in two sizes; Woman's xs/s and m/l.
The original hat has a pom pom, but the pattern features fully fashioned decreases on the crown to allow knitters the option to leave the pom pom off if it's not their thing.
Come on...click the link.  You know you want one of these :)

Friday, April 8, 2011

Mad dash

I've been in a rush to finish a few repairs and put a sweater together that's been sitting on my coffee table for about two months.  I don't usually take longer than a week, but this piece required me to figure out what size the owner was making (because she couldn't remember) and finish knitting the sleeve.  Then when I started to put it together I noticed that she had failed to finish her sleeve, and that there was an error in the pattern.  After I fixed that, I had to graft it together at the shoulders and pick up and knit the collar.  Then I had to seam a garter-stitch sweater together and weave in dozens of little ends (because Prima only comes in 50gm balls which have short yardage).  Finally I was ready to be done but I was still waiting for her to pick out the buttons so I could sew them on.  Thankfully, she came down today while I was in the store and picked them out.  I attached them this evening and left the sweater in the shop for her to pick up whenever she feels like it (because it's paid for now). 

I also repaired a glove and an extremely fine store-bought black sweater for another customer.  The glove was cute in it's own way, with a ribbed cuff that was turned under and sewed down, but really...can someone explain the practicality of a pair of gloves made from cotton yarn?  Anyone?  Because this is New England and we do get snow. 

Finally, I have a beautiful little swing coat for a baby that needs to be put together.  The yoke needs to be knit, and it needs to be seamed, and all the ends need to be woven in...and all by Sunday.  This is Friday.  I can get it done, but because I'm on the clock, I can't help but notice how really inconvenient the construction is.  This could have been done so much more simply.  As a matter of fact, I've been thinking on it all day.  Thinking about how much I'd love to have a swing coat for myself and how I'm sure I could do it in seamless with a few details to make it pretty and grown-up, and long enough for a tall gal.  Taller is better.  :) 

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Testing: continued...

Calling all hat knitters!  I'm looking for two test-knitters for the Crescent Park Beret.  One small (18 inches), and one Med/Large (20 inches).  The small is suitable for little girls (4 and up) as well, and it looked pretty sweet on Alex when he modeled it so it might not be too bad for a boy (unblocked and in a solid color), lol.  The patter is written with changes for the larger size in brackets throughout the pattern, except for two sections where I provide separate directions because it was simpler that way.  Please contact my by leaving a comment to this post, or you can message me on Ravelry or Facebook.

Stay tuned because the Blizzard hat inspired by Bones should be up shortly, so if you'd like to test-knit a hat but don't like fingering weight yarn, this may be just the thing for you.  (Think chunky!)


 I'm looking for a test knitter to knit the Rhodes sock pattern this week.  I only need to have one knit, but feel free to actually make the pair, lol.  I just need to make sure that the directions for the gusset and the toe make sense.  You will need to know how to knit a sock, how to read a chart, and it's helpful if you're comfortable with stranding (using two colors in the same row).  Please leave me a comment or post on the Facebook fan page if you're interested.

Aren't I pretty?  Just look at me.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Hurray, finals are over!

To celebrate the culmination of my final projects, I'm posting a neat little questionnaire on the blog and I hope you'll participate.  I actually created this for my Personality Development class and I liked it so much that I decided to post it here as well (and naturally, it's knitting related).  Simply answer the questions at home, and reply to this post with the number of a's and b's in your score.  I'll do the rest!

1. I often try new things.
a. agree          b. disagree

2. I enjoy taking on new challenges.
a. agree          b. disagree

3. Working with more than one strand of yarn at one time is complicated.
a. agree          b. disagree

4. I prefer to make small projects.
a. agree          b. disagree

5. I consider the cost first when choosing my project.
a. agree          b. disagree

6. Knitting classes are a waste of time.
a. agree          b. disagree

7. I prefer not to go outside my comfort zone when I chose a knitting project.
a. agree          b. disagree

8. I only work with neutral colors.
a. agree          b. disagree

9. I could never knit lace.
a. agree          b. disagree

10. I am intimidated by most knitting patterns.
a. agree          b. disagree

11. I only knit with wool.
a. agree          b. disagree

12. I only knit sweaters without waist shaping.
a. agree          b. disagree

13. I love buying patterns online.
a. agree          b. disagree

14. I have a profile on Ravelry.
a. agree          b. disagree

15. I prefer to buy patterns at my local yarn shop.
a. agree          b. disagree

Again, if you choose to participate, please reply to this post with your score.  Thanks for playing!