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Monday, August 8, 2011

It's getting out of hand!

 pictured in order from L to R, are my homemade pesto, salsa, and meat sauce, all made with herbs from my garden (and my MIL's garden too).  The meat sauce has ground turkey instead of ground beef.  The salsa is from the tomatoes that we got on our road trip to Tiverton, and you can see how unusual their color was.  I'd never seen tomatoes that red before, and the finished salsa looked more like a strawberry-red than a tomato-red.  Very pretty and very tasty!  And for the pesto, I kicked up the garlic a little bit and used some purple basil that my MIL brought me from her garden, along with my German basil from my own garden.  That made the difference, and made up for the lack of pine nuts (which add something important to the flavor of the pesto).

When last we spoke (lol) I mentioned that I had two fantastic ideas for socks for this year's Scarefest.  That's now longer accurate.  I now have three.  Three!  How am I ever going to find time to knit, and format the pattern for three different sock designs in time for the kick-off?  We'll just have to see how it goes.  And while I can't tell you what movies I'm using, or what the patterns will look like, I did give you a preview of the yarns I'll be using for one of them.  But since you've twisted my arm (wink, wink), I'll give you one more clue: this latest one is based on a sequel of a popular classic horror film.  I love classic black & white horror movies (because they're totally kid appropriate) and 1950's B-movies.  It's a weakness, and a great source of scary sock inspiration. 

Oh, and does anyone know what this is?  I got it for free thinking it was a food mill, but now I think it might be an old fashioned meat grinder...

Sunday, August 7, 2011

What's brown, green, tan, and pink?

Well, I can't tell you, lol.  But I can say that it might be scarefest related... 

Today we got up and got ourselves to church despite the torrential downpour.  Alex was well behaved, and I claimed a kitchen gadget that used to be in the kitchen downstairs in the ward building...I think it's a hand-cranked meat grinder.  I need to find out how to get the blade sharpened, and then I need to find some meat and grind it up.  I'm not sure when I'd need this, but they were giving it away and I snatched it up.

I'm almost finished with the inner layer of my two-layer lace mittens.  I hope to get the outer later cast on tomorrow, and then I'm hoping to hear back from my testers as to their progress.  I want to get this out to Cascade asap, and get on to the next design.  That's supposed to be the old interweave submission that I'm hoping to shop out to Knitty for their winter issue, but I'm super excited about this scarefest idea and I have a few other ideas for Cascade...oh! and I have a blanket to knit for my husband's birthday (that I started for his birthday LAST year and never finished).  So, we'll just have to see how it all goes.

Oh yea, and in case you haven't already heard...I finally signed up for Twitter (as @CambriaWdesigns) and you can follow the chaos over there too :)