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Saturday, August 27, 2011

A peek into my work-neighborhood

This little sign was invisible from my car and I found it on my giant walk on Monday.  Super cute!
This is the front of the Warren town hall building, and it's about a block over from my yarn shop.  I don't usually get to go down that end of the street much, because I normally just go into Warren to work and then go home.  My travels usually don't go much past the Coffee Depot, which I believe is directly across the street from this.

 From that spot, turn to your right and you'll see this beauty.  Isn't it the prettiest clock you've ever seen?!  I love the view from this part of the block.

 A little further down the same street is the Warren library.  It looks like a castle!  Who knew that Rhode Island had a castle, lol.  Unfortunately I've never been inside because I usually go to the Barrington Library, and because it's about two blocks down from work (and their hours are our hours so it's closed when I get out and closed when I come in).  Maybe next week I'll go on my day off and stop in with my camera so we can all see what's in there.

 Up the other direction, and through a little alley between the town hall and a building full of businesses, is the Warren Police Department/DMV and municipal parking.  If you're traveling to the shop off of Main St (route 114) from Barrington, turn Left onto Joyce St, and then make an immediate Right.  That's where you'll want to park when you come to the shop, and when you get out of your car you'll see this :)  I love the lamp posts which say "public" on the left one and "safety" on the right one.  And the red doors are great too!

 Now, back to the Warren Town Hall.  This is the sign that's carved into the front of the building, just above the doors.  It's so pretty!  Did you know that Rhode Island and Massachusetts has a rich Native American history?  Many of the towns and streets share names with the tribes that lived in the area, like the Wampanoag Trail, or Narragansett, RI.

Here's the cute little sign, with benches and flowers where people can come and sit for a spell.  Do people still do that?...sitting for a spell?  Well what ever.  You can come and sit.

Hope you enjoyed this little photographic tour of two blocks of Warren, RI...a town where I don't actually live, but I do spend a good amount of time, lol.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Dear Irene

I'm sure you're all tired of hearing about it, but we're prepping to be slammed by Hurricane Irene.  It's currently 93 degrees here, and I've just packed up the contents of four 72-hour kits, which were spread all over my floor.  I've packed a small suitcase for Alex and I with 3 days worth of clothes and a blankie each, and everything is sitting in front of the door just in case someone comes knocking and says that we need to head for the middle school.  I have charged my phone and added minutes.  I know where the candles are.  I've spoken to my mother and my Mother-in-Law.  I bought 2 cases of water, and have four gallons put into into plastic containers for the cat.  And finally, I've arranged a place to go if they should ask up to leave, but hopefully they won't because Dante is away at a Young Men's activity and Aaron is working a golf tournament in Mass so it'll just be Alex and I. 

I'm definitely feeling the calm before the storm, and I feel pretty good about finally putting together those 72-hour kits (that I've been hearing about for the last 10 years at least).  We're expected to lose power for up to 3 days (and I've got candles, head-lamps, yarn, and a gas stove so I'm good), so if you don't see any updates from me on facebook or twitter, don't worry. 

Now!  Knitting.  I decided to take the advice of my friend Sam, and start my socks over with the Sox Appeal yarn.  It's got elastic, so I think it'll be a better choice given what I'm trying to do.  This is a risky proposition because my pattern is scheduled for release on September 11th and I need to have the sample finished before then or the pattern won't make sense.  This isn't a standard sock, and it really needs a picture.  That being said, if I get to the leg and this one isn't working any better than the other, I'll just go back to it.  I put it on hold so it's still there waiting for me to finish it (and I just might finish it anyway because I like what it's doing, even if it's not what I planned). 

And I know this is slightly off topic, but does anyone else wish that netflix would put some sort of language warning on movies or shows that are listed as "NR" so I'll know ahead of time that someone might drop an F-bomb within the first minute of their show...while my 5-year old is in the room?  Or maybe the artist could say something right up front, like Craig Ferguson did in the stand-up special we started to watch last night.  He said straight up that he was going to cuss, so at least we knew.  Just sayin.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

It's Tuesday, so you know what that means...

Yep, dear readers.  I have a major school assignment due tonight before midnight and instead of working on it, I'm writing this blog post :)  Don't you feel special?  How is it that I still maintain a straight A average, you wonder?  What business is it of yours, I say! lol.

Anyway, yesterday I took Alex to school and after I dropped him off I went for a walk down the street to the library on Hope St in Providence (only to discover that it doesn't open until 1pm on Mondays).  Along the way I got to see some really pretty things that you just can't see from the car, like this Episcipalian church with the gorgeous red door.  I love it!  I've wanted to get a better look at it ever since the first time I saw it years ago on my way to Fresh Purls, but I never took the time.  And yesterday, on my grand adventure, I saw beautiful things all over the place and was in awe of all the things that I never noticed before or couldn't see from the car.  I was even moved to tears when I finally got a better look at the Jewish Temple, with the gold leaf and the round dome, and stone versions of the 10 commandments on the outside.  And I was totally going to share it all with you...only I left the camera at home :|  Then I had this great plan that involved bring the camera with me (which I did) but then my husband suggested that we go to Sam's Club today (and I needed him to get in because I lost my card) so he came along and I couldn't go on that same walk today.  So all I have to show for my big day out is sore shins and this one photo of a red door.

I wish I had something more clever to say, or more photos for the post, (and I actually did have something to say when I started this post) but I just spent the last 5 straight minutes playing referee to my boys and trying to keep them from killing themselves, and now I don't know what it was I was trying to say.  But maybe it's for the best.  I do, after all, still have a paper to write...  And two pairs of socks to knit and design...  And some research to do for a project I have going on the side...

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Why I need a photographer :)

 I've had some visitors to my blog in the last week, so I thought we'd do a little review.  This young man is Alex.  He's my youngest son.  He's 5-years old, doesn't sleep well, is a very picky eater, loves Thomas the Tank Engine, his favorite color is green, and he's very particular about his hand knits.  He knows what he likes and what he doesn't, and no one's gonna tell him otherwise!  When I surf Ravelry, he likes to get on my lap and ask me to make him just about everything under the sun.  Sometimes he asks for things that don't exist.  Telling him that there are no patterns for that is not an acceptable answer to Alex.  That, my friends, is why Alex is one of my two biggest resources when it comes to my design biz.  If he want's a tie, I better design him a tie (and he's wearing it.  It's Shelby, and it's available in my Ravelry pattern store and on my sidebar).  Anyway, Alex currently has me running ragged on a hat that I've been having a hard time working out the details for, but rest assured that he'll eventually have his hat (because he checks in on it regularly).  I can't say here exactly what it is because of licensing issues, but I can say that it's a classic 64-bit video game that may or may not involve specters and eating stuff :) 

My other main source of inspiration comes from my pretty respectable knitting/reference library.  Honestly, it looks like a lot more when you're standing in front of the book shelf.  I've got design books, stitch dictionaries, repairs and technical info, volumes upon volume in Interweave Knits and Vogue Knitting, a ball winder, umbrella swift (in the box), blocking wires (in the tube), a tub of scrap yarn, three-ring binders with leaflets and printed patterns, a few works-in-progress, my Dooney & Burke bag serving as my spinning WIP basket, and my knitting bad.

Unfortunately, this is the most organized space I have right now for my knitting supplies and I'm realizing that I really need an office.  However, that's not going to happen anytime soon so I think I might need to hit IKEA for some small-space storage solutions.  That or I just need to stop buying yarn because let's be real for a minute...I'll die before I ever in my lifetime knit all the yarn I currently have, and we all know I'll probably bring some home in the next week.

So, you've seen two big influences in my design business (business?...really?...still getting used to that).  And you've seen a few examples of my lack of skill behind the camera.  That being said, I'm really excited because I discovered by accident today that one of my friends from church is a photographer with a great camera, and she's agreed to work with me when I launch my Altitude line!  It's all going right back to what  Kelly Rae Roberts has been saying her e-course.  Don't be afraid to put yourself out there and opportunities will come.  And three came just this week alone!  I can only tell you about one right now, but stay tuned because I'll be revealing the others soon enough :)